Bound for somewhere across the sea…

Leaving Cebu City behind…

Cebu coast

December 21, 2010.  8:30 the ferry left Cebu Pier.  We were bound for Tubigon, Bohol.
It was a morning of blue skies with just enough white clouds.

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TWTh – Divisoria View & This Way at CU

This Way Thurs-Way

A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink.

I was on an official trip to Cagayan de Oro the other week and i had breakfast at Mc Donalds Divisoria. After eating my breakfast, i then too the time to enjoy the view. Actually while eating i was already enjoying the view but took time to click my camera after eating already.


After breakfast i went to Liceo de Cagayan University and then to Capitol University. I took so many roads and signage shots but id like to share this signage from Capitol University.


I enjoyed walking around (after my official transaction of course!) in the big campus of the two universities i visited that day. I think it was a nice way to be slimquick in a natural way. I just walked and walked at same time enjoying the view and clicking my camera. I wish my camera lens can capture all the things that made my eyes spark with excitement. 🙂

SWF – Sky from Maria Cristina Falls


It was a fine day when we visited Maria Cristina Falls last Sunday, November 29.

They now made this landmark more accessible to the public by creating a Nature Park from the entrance to the viewing deck.  Maybe more photos and other details in another post.


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