July is Here!

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I am excited because this is my birthday month.  If others feel sad that their birthdays make them old – nah for me! I love me having a new year added to my life each year.  My heart is always filled with gratitude for the awesomeness of the Lord.  Our life is a gift from Him – so we must take care of it – by taking care of it, we glorify his name.

The Reason Behind my Blogger Name

The first blog I ever started was in wordpress.com and the blog title that right away came to my mine is Life is What We Make It with Sunshineforlife as the writer. Sad thing, that blog no longer exist.  But when I had my first domain i named my url into www.sunshinlene.com

To me, Sunshine Lene means Happy Lene. Sunshine is happiness.  Sunshine can bring smile to many faces and I thought that no matter what I will always be a happy lene.

Sunshine became significant in my life even before I started blogging because the song Sunshine…was dedicated to me by the father of my daughter.  He even sent me a handwritten piano piece of it – written in a beautiful stationary. Since that time – we broke up later – I feel nostalgic every time I hear the song Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes me Happy…but then realized later that I should never be sad.  I promised myself that no matter what Sunshine should always be happy and has to share that happiness when time allows.

This is the topic for Day 2 in Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

Sunset from Our Kitchen Window

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We have one kitchen window. And beyond the rooftops is a nice scene of the sky. In this photo is one of a sunset taken last week.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

Ten on Tuesday

We had a long weekend because last Monday was a holiday (Independence Day).  So Tuesday we went back to work.  Wednesday we are enjoying another holiday because it’s the Charter Day of Iligan City.  Thus i was hoping last week we could sandwich Tuesday as part of the holiday.  But nah it did not happen that way.

Let me enumerate some TEN THINGS i did that day:

1. Was at the office before 9 am.

2.  I wore red blouse paired with black skirt to work.

3.  Filled up an employee’s update form at the HR.

4.  I was invited to go along to CDO the next day but i declined because i was planning for a movie marathon Tuesday night.

5.  Had a chat with Sandy.  She shared me some photos of the house they are going to rent in Cebu.

6.  Tasted a durian pie.

7.  Missed gym because i said i was going the next day.

8.  Stayed up so late at night online on FB.

9.  Met a new friend.  She’s so friendly and I hope to meet her someday.

10.  Watched WHEN IN ROME!