Just Beautiful # 1

A Wednesday photo meme that depicts something that is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Be it an old or new photo taken by you. Grab your mouse and join us by clicking the above widget. =)

My entry this week:

In spite of a funny local name, this flower is just beautiful. Taken at the lawn just when you step off the girls dormitory stairs.

Photo taken by me.  More photos @ My Photoblog.

Traveling from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu City

Daughter and I left Iligan City almost 6 in the evening.  Sounds quite late but the boat was scheduled to depart at 10:45 pm.  Dimple and I boarded the Rural Transit because there was no gray bus at the Super 5 station. We arrived a little bit before 8 pm so we just took a jeep to Gaisano to eat dinner.  We had a quick dinner at Jollibee – Gaisano City.  Then from there, we took a motor trike direct to the pier and we paid 20 pesos each.   The loading up the boat has not yet started when we arrived at the waiting area.

They were strict in their luggage and quarantine inspection.  They also have K9 dogs to sniff on all luggage.  The dog was a girl and we dunno her name but we call her “good girl” because her boss called her good girl after behaving.

This is good girl in action. 🙂

Dimple’s Boarding Pass

I also had mine.   We were brought to the foot of the gangplank by bus.  The distance from the waiting area to the boat was just so near yet they want organize system, so we still took the bus/couch.

The moving bus. 🙂

The daughter and me.

After we settled our things, we roam around and check out the side deck.  CDO pier was already quiet because SF 12 was the last one to depart.

Sunset from Our Kitchen Window

Please click on the photo for better view 🙂 thanks


We have one kitchen window. And beyond the rooftops is a nice scene of the sky. In this photo is one of a sunset taken last week.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

SWF @ the Pool



This was taken during the Independence Day holiday.  No work.  No classes.  So, it was just a right time to accept a birthday celebration at the pool.

I didn’t enjoy the swimming very much because the pool is too deep for those who can’t swim but i enjoyed the view immensely.  Missed my camera so much.  Thanks to one of the CI’s who brought her camera with her so I was able to make these shots sky shots and more shots for Our Weekend Memories entries.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme: