The Reason Behind my Blogger Name

The first blog I ever started was in and the blog title that right away came to my mine is Life is What We Make It with Sunshineforlife as the writer. Sad thing, that blog no longer exist.  But when I had my first domain i named my url into

To me, Sunshine Lene means Happy Lene. Sunshine is happiness.  Sunshine can bring smile to many faces and I thought that no matter what I will always be a happy lene.

Sunshine became significant in my life even before I started blogging because the song Sunshine…was dedicated to me by the father of my daughter.  He even sent me a handwritten piano piece of it – written in a beautiful stationary. Since that time – we broke up later – I feel nostalgic every time I hear the song Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes me Happy…but then realized later that I should never be sad.  I promised myself that no matter what Sunshine should always be happy and has to share that happiness when time allows.

This is the topic for Day 2 in Blogging Challenge hosted by Mommy Ruby.

Lack of Sleep

July 20 is already an unforgetable day because it is my mom’s birthday.  But for this year, something depressing happened that the more i will not forget the July 20 of this year.  First was the news that i will be transfered to another department and the second was the discovery that i lost 7 months of blog entries in two of my blogs.  The latter was more heavier than the first so i was sleepless for several nighst that caused me to have dark under eye circles (meaning dark circles under my eyes) that is not so nice to be seen. So for two days now i put on heavy concealer to cover the dark circles.

Just few minutes ago, i discovered some way to retrieve the lost posts by googling using the direct url – and i already recovered some. Woe unto those that i have not really taken down (except for the paid posts) so this problem will just be solved in some days. I really wish to take a leave to spend the whole day in an internet bar to do this thing. But i doubt if i can do so tomorrow when there is a scheduled faculty and staff meeting. So i will try over the weekends. I know i should do it the quickest before the i will be emailed for a refund.

Nostalgia 6 {my # 2}


I’d like to bring you back early spring of 2003. It was a trying months for me as i was nursing a broken heart and a very chronic homesickness.   That was my first time to be working abroad.  Early spring was around February that year.  I spent almost every day crying especially when evening comes and when i woke up in the early mornings. It was like i lost a dearest puppy.

My friends believed that i can get over with what i felt. So one day, while i don’t have class in the afternoon, Helen, Henry, and Jenny invited me to visit Shijiazhuang Botanical Park. They told me it’s a plant park and I would see so many plants from all over Asia being displayed there.

So i tried to perk up myself and go with the trip. Let me share then some of our photos:


We were still wearing long sleeves because it was still cool but at the same time the sun was getting stronger to our skin that we have to drink water to hydrate us.

That is Helen in black, yours truly in red, and the other lady is Jenny.


Thanks to the green grass and yellow wild flowers at the background, it disrupts the grey atmosphere.

The place was not yet too bubbly of spring.  Traces of winter can still be felt because not all trees have turned green yet.  Thanks to my red shirt, too!  It made us look more lively.  lol!   After we saw the photos, they really hugged and thank me that i wore red or we would end up dull because Helen’s shirt was black and Henry’s was brown and black and offwhite jacket of Jenny.

first spring 1

See!  The world is just slowly waking up from it’s winter sleep.
I think the place still looks gloomy.  Thanks to the flower which depicts hope.

I was excited to smell it…A beautiful flower. So, am expecting a beautiful smell.

first spring 2
See my face?!
Nahhh…the flower smells so bad! lol!

I really said – not all beautiful smells beautiful. lol!

Shijiazhuang City is one of the top 10 polluted cities in the whole country.  So that explains the dirty sky you can see yonder.   Result of it, I always have irritated throat while staying in that city.  Even then, Shijiazhuang (shi-ja-juang) is an unforgetable place.   I made so many good friends there.


I felt so funny having this photo taken at this spot.

The sweetest banana in the whole world is the one that came from the Philippines.  So when i saw this banana tree, it made me long for Philippine bananas.  My friends haven’t seen a banana tree yet, so they let me stand at this spot to show to my family that Philippine banana is grown inside the botanical garden of Shijiazhuang. 🙂


~~ My fave photo of us “the tres marias” ~~

d282~~ my favorite shot of ME that day ~~


~~I also love this shot but my eye bags are so obvious.  Result of sleepless and crying nights. ~~

Thinking back of that time now — i can’t just laugh at it.

Ten on Tuesday

We had a long weekend because last Monday was a holiday (Independence Day).  So Tuesday we went back to work.  Wednesday we are enjoying another holiday because it’s the Charter Day of Iligan City.  Thus i was hoping last week we could sandwich Tuesday as part of the holiday.  But nah it did not happen that way.

Let me enumerate some TEN THINGS i did that day:

1. Was at the office before 9 am.

2.  I wore red blouse paired with black skirt to work.

3.  Filled up an employee’s update form at the HR.

4.  I was invited to go along to CDO the next day but i declined because i was planning for a movie marathon Tuesday night.

5.  Had a chat with Sandy.  She shared me some photos of the house they are going to rent in Cebu.

6.  Tasted a durian pie.

7.  Missed gym because i said i was going the next day.

8.  Stayed up so late at night online on FB.

9.  Met a new friend.  She’s so friendly and I hope to meet her someday.

10.  Watched WHEN IN ROME!