Green Monday# 13

I love shady places especially if the temperature is high. Yesterday i was out at a friend’s home and i like their front part of the house because there were several big and tall trees that it shaded their veranda.

I wish I am a bird perched on top this tree.  When I am, for sure I am not perspiring. ^^


This oil painting art hanged in the receiving room always get my attention.  I love the green in it.  For sure this is a bard and i can imagine the day is cloudy and i would love to lay down on the grass (face up) and paint a farm in the sky.  🙂  Don’t you love the green in it?  Looks so real.


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Bound for somewhere across the sea…

Leaving Cebu City behind…

Cebu coast

December 21, 2010.  8:30 the ferry left Cebu Pier.  We were bound for Tubigon, Bohol.
It was a morning of blue skies with just enough white clouds.

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Dining at Pinokyo, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

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There are so many places to dine at at Paseo del Mar.  But during weekends the place is typically full.  We almost had a hard time finding a place to eat and just to relax while enjoying the food, the music, and the night.

We picked Pinokyo because it was not yet so crowded when we arrived.

They serve varied foods at very reasonable prices.


Dimple ordered for herself beef toppings and the california maki.  I had pancit canton and this:


This cost P1.00 each.  I was so impressed so i ordered 20 pcs. I think I ate more than what Dimple had.

My friends had:

~~ sisig~~

~~ Lechon Kawali ~~

~~ clam soup ~~

And oh i had a whole serving of the java rice: