Sunset Glow

I decided to leave the hotel room to catch the sunset behind tall buildings in Bangkok. My friend jumped at the idea and when we went were out of the hotel, she suggested that we will go and have a quick look at The Platinum. I can’t get a glimpse of the sunset while we were waiting for the sky train. But then before reaching the right station to get off, i was able to catch a sunset glow.

Place: Bayoke Tower view from BTS, Bkk, Thailand
Date: December 11, 2010
Camera: Canon IXUS 120is

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Glimpse of the Sky from Iligan City Hall

I wish i have counted my skywatch entries so that i can just easily title my SWF entries.


Before i travelled to Zamboanga City in October 28, i come to this place several times.  First was the interview and then later the signing up of itenerary for budget and the next was the picking up of money.  Of the 3 chances, i never took the time to stop to take photos of the place.  I feel shy.  There are many people milling around the city hall and i don’t like to get their attention by clicking my camera.

Last November 11 – i had my last chance.  I went there to sign our travel report.  I thought it would be my last time in awhile, so i decided to take a photo of the front of the building and this:


and this…


and this:


How time flies and Christmas month is now here!

I am wishing you and you a very happy holidays!

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme: