Mountain Scenes

On my way back from Davao City in broad daylight, I just cannot help but appreciate in wonder the beauty of the green mountains, blue skies, and cottony white clouds.

The following photos I am sharing were taken by my not so high-powered camera phone. But I was really awed so I just click and click while the bus goes down the road.  I

I  wish the bus was more taller than it was so I could fully enjoy the mountain scenes at a distance without any obstacle of any objects from my view.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

There were several road works along the way, so we were stuck in a long queue of vehicles. But instead of getting annoyed of the delay, I just enjoyed clicking as well as my phone’s game keeps me occupied.

Commercial Photography

That green thing up there looks like a green giraffe or a green reptile looking for something on the ground.

Sky Watching While Traveling

PC180117 500 x 500

While traveling to MVC, Valencia, Bukidnon last December 18 – i took so many sky shots. This is one of them. Our vehicle stopped in the traffic and good thing i was able to capture this angle of the UCCP Church. What a neat blue sky.

When we arrived our destination, the sky got this evening glow already,


This is a sky angle facing the telescoping hill.  I was standing at the road near the Science building in MVC.

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