Open House 2010

Last August 16, the dormitories (boys and girls) were opened to the public for more than 6 hours.   It is during times like this that the creativity of the students will be seen especially when time is limited.  I will be sharing here the photos i took of the rooms in the girls dormitory.  Will share the pics of the boy’s rooms in later week.

So let me start — here’s of ROOM 1.  Their theme is balloon festival.


so you can find balloons anywhere in there room.


some of the occupants making a pose.  The one in brown making bubbles.  They gave away bubble bottles for a prize.

ROOM 2 —


I think they are theme less.  The flowers they cut that evening was not used the next day.

They just play with colors on their ceiling.


The eye-catcher in Room 2.  Pick one!

I didn’t.  🙂



DSCN2348 500

I just love their wall with these colorful flowers 🙂


some of the occupants.

ROOM 5 – Music Festival



The girls singing their welcome song as soon as a visitor enters their room.


I love this!

The center of their theme – MUSIC!

EXTENTION ROOM — another colorful room!




There were more pics i took that day in every girls room but will share them from time to time in other posts. 🙂

Thanks to Lovely for letting me borrow her Nikon digital camera.

Nostalgia (my 9th)




I was one of the faculty/staff chaperons of an Educational Tour


~~Almost to reach our destination



~~ That’s our first stop. For lunch. The place feels like attending a debu or a formal party. hehehe


~~ After lunch, this was the next destination. A student activity that was suppose to be done in an hour but we stayed there for more than 2 hrs because many students wanted to reach the top.

Do you wanna know how many steps i made? Oh well, only 3 of that 3003. lol!


~~Here’s me after making that 3 steps. lol!


It was during this trip that i met up close and personal the Miss Earth 2008 winner Karla Paula
and the ladies that won Miss Air and Miss Water.
I think Miss Karla is very beautiful.

Next to that peak, we proceeded to Rizal Shrine in Dapitan.


A sunset view i took from the top of the Lovers’ Rock inside the shrine. I can imagine Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken enjoy the sunset from that spot.


There’s much more photos to share about this trip so maybe i can post them next time as Part II.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoy recalling those moments.

This is one of the memories that brings a smile to my face at the same time sad because this guy here —


left this world unexpectedly (through a vehicular accident. he was hit by a speeding car heeding to the airport catching a flight) 3 months later.   He was one of the persons that made this trip more lively and unforgetable for the students especially.

An Evening at Holiday Pool

It is not always that we spend an evening at a pool here in the place called the City of Waterfalls.  Thanks to the 12th Adventist Health Professionals Association Convention the Saturday evening activity was swimming at the pool.   Luckily the peace and order situation here in the city is good so no one have second thoughts of going out swimming in the evening.

The visitors from nearby places enjoyed the night eating, swimming, chatting, and just bonding with fellow AHPA members.

Dimple also got a long weekend, so she spent two of those nights with me.  She was one of those who enjoyed the cool cold water (flowing spring water) that evening.

Let me share some of our photos:


– there were 3 subdivisions of pools – one for the kids, one for the adults (swimmers) and one for adults who does not know how to swim. –  The place were i enjoyed swimming.


– they are both excited to swim. Ma’am Jaedee can swim.  But dimple can’t but the daring spirit of my daughter allow her to venture even the deepest of that swimmer’s pool. –

If you will ask me where i was, i was only a sidepool buddy.  Holding to the rails because i feel like the water or the heights or depths is sucking me up.

The place is already beautified for the season but my camera did not capture them beautifully.  What attracted me are the bright colors of the handrails on the minibridge and the canopy at the sidepool



– take note of the bright yellow and orange. they are so attractive to the eyes even in the evening.  so i can just imagine the brighth glow it brings to the blue waters during day time.


– this is what you can see at the kiddie pool. 🙂  my daughter says she’s too old for that area.  –

More more pictorials of us:




– i can’t swim like a professional swimmer but i did have fun that night! –

We went home in our wet suits and there was no water in our dormitory.  Luckily the bathrooms in our office got water pouring so we have to bath in the office. 🙂

Had carbonara is our midnight snack before i decided to call it a night.  I think Dimple went to sleep at past 1 am already.

Sky Watch # 56




A friend’s final home on earth – Cagayan de Oro Gardens.

It was a nice day yesterday — blue sky, whispy clouds and cool breeze, comforting us that our parted friend and loved one will be in a very comfortable place.

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