Dining at Pinokyo, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

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There are so many places to dine at at Paseo del Mar.  But during weekends the place is typically full.  We almost had a hard time finding a place to eat and just to relax while enjoying the food, the music, and the night.

We picked Pinokyo because it was not yet so crowded when we arrived.

They serve varied foods at very reasonable prices.


Dimple ordered for herself beef toppings and the california maki.  I had pancit canton and this:


This cost P1.00 each.  I was so impressed so i ordered 20 pcs. I think I ate more than what Dimple had.

My friends had:

~~ sisig~~

~~ Lechon Kawali ~~

~~ clam soup ~~

And oh i had a whole serving of the java rice:


Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

If you have been to Zamboanga City for a day or two and have not been to Paseo del Mar, then you miss one of the beautiful landmarks of the city. We spent 4 nights there and I was able to see and feel the place during our third night because we went there to have dinner and also have a look for the nearby areas. I was so excited to see the place. I thank Ace & Kerslyn (Davao couple), Bing & Pat (Iligan couple) for agreeing to go there once again even if you have already seen the place the night before.

Here are some of our photos: (all my photos are night shots) i wonder how the place looks like in broad daylight.




a pose of remembrance at the entrance 🙂


They said the place is full during weekends.  People are there to eat, to enjoy the sea breeze, enjoy the bands (they have it on weekends), and others are just there to walk around.


these guys enjoying the distant lights and sea breeze.  it showered around this time.

I enjoyed taking photos of the lamp post before finding a place to eat.  And this one my fave shot of all:


The place we ate at and the food photos will be shared in another post. 🙂

This trip was related to the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 4 which was held earlier that day at the Garden Orchid Hotel.  City tour was scheduled the next day yet. (that would be another post in this blog).

My TVIRD Experience

Never did i imagined going up to see a mine site as far as Canatuan mine site  in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte.  We were informed that the trip will take 3 hours but after 12 hours bus travel from Iligan City to the Latin City of Asia , the trip feels like going back to my hometown.  It was not exactly 3 hours.  It was more because upon leaving the highway, the road leads up and down into the mountains.  Our vehicle was not the highland sporty type so the speed was just moderate.

99% of us on the trip were first timers and that 99% represents the attendees of the Mindanao Bloggers 4th Summit that is hosted by Zamboanga bloggers.

Personally, if not for the summit, i would not have the chance to see Canatuan Mining and will see with my own eyes the betterment of the community specifically the Subanons.  TVI Resources Development  brought hope to the people of Canatuan and Siocon in general.  TVI promotes responsible mining by promoting environmental protection programs and sustainable development programs.  Being guided by human rights paradigm the company implemented community development projects that promotes sustainable life even beyond the life-of-mine and into the future.  Meaning if ever the company leaves, the community will still survive.

There were several things that awed us bloggers when we stepped foot in their area.  First, the majestic view of forests, mountains, and hills and endless cloudy blue skies.  Second, impressive buildings which we later known are staff houses.  They also have the entertainment building.  Then thirdly, the food!  It was started with a heavy snacks before the orientation began and later the sumptuous lunch, and again another heavy snacks after the exit conference.  My daughter and I were so blessed of the free food saving us the food budget for that day because even the breakfast and dinner were also shouldered by TVI.  They were so generous.  Thank you, Sir Ernie Rojo for touring us to the mine site.

I know i missed a blogger seminar that day down in the city but the things i’ve learned up there was just enough to cover up any regret.  The video was shown at the summit proper – but seeing the proof of responsible mining was one thing i would never regret missing the blogging seminar that day.  I know it’s now only me who was blessed.  All of us who were there were so impressed.  There was one thing though i wished — sana lahat kami nakasama.  Sana wala ng seminar dun sa city para lahat nakasama.   Not only were our stomachs filled but our knowledge were also enhanced.  Just so bad it rained hard that it hampered the plant site tour because it would be dangerous for us to go up the building.  Good thing we were able to come down from the open field site safely while the rain was pouring in torrents.  If it did not rain, we could have the chance to touch those reddish black stones that contains gold.  Maybe we can also get a handful of those silver looking stones. 🙂 And for sure we could have gone to the most top of the open field to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Canatuan mining.  Oh another place we missed seeing which i would have love go to and see was the lake or the dam area.

I really don’t have too many nice pics at the open mine field because i was confined to a very small area of the viewing deck.  The rain was so strong that we can’t move around to take pictures of the whole area.

Oh well – picture talk loudly than words so i want you to enjoy the pics now.  Enough of the blah. lol

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon collage 1

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon collage 2

oct 29 2010 tvi collage 3



I was sky watching, ya know? 😉





Another place we visited was the Subanon community.   Before our group went to see their nursery, a pillar of their FAITH and SALT program we witnessed how they welcome us –

tvi siocon collage 4

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon colage 5

We did not stay long at the open mine pit because it rained.  It rained so hard that if we waited for the rain to stop, our vehicle might have a hard time going down.  So we proceeded to the exit conference where some administrators and department heads where there to answer our questions.  This is their way of practicing “transparency” in this company.

I have really seen responsible mining there that made me wish that somehow at least all small-scale mining fields in this country are handled by investors such as TVI.

I have so many photos that i wanna share but maybe in the future posts or in related post i will be making in my other blogs.  After the exit conference that was made earlier than scheduled because of the rain,  we had this souvenir photo:

I have so many photos that i wanna share but maybe in the future posts or in related post i will be making in my other blogs.  After the exit conference ,  we had this souvenir photo:

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon 6