Flood Destroyed One of Our Display Cabinets

One thing unforgetable happened today.  Due to low pressure turned typhon called Cresing, the water came into the house today.  I woke up to the feel of water upon my feet the moment I stepped out of the bedroom.  I thought the thick rugs placed in the space below the door would prevent the water coming in.  But nah it did not. Water slowly came in just like the flow of water in a faucet and it was ankle deep in awhile.  I wish we are powerful that to prevent the water we can just use clamping kits to put off the water. Or we have the power to divert the water directly to the big canals and into the sea.  Oh well, I missed work in the morning and one of our cabinets, gave up its foundation so it was leaning back when I left home for work early this afternoon.

Now I am off to home after this post and continue working from there.

What a life!

Visit to Tinago Falls: 2011

Months ago, August 27 exactly, I made my third visit to Tinago Falls. The first time was in 1993. I was still in college that time and I was with friends and schoolmates who were working in the business office of Mountain View College. That time, there was still no descent stairs to go pass. The going down was okey but in coming up, we have to grab on tall and sturdy bushes. It was tiring but not as tiring as my second visit.

The second visit in 2008 and I was with my daughter and relatives. There were many of us and the kids loved their swimming time in the pool. For me, I just enjoyed the sides and taking pictures. I have shared a bit of the experience somewhere in this blog. On our way back, I went up with the first group. While others were still queuing in the shower to change, me and my daughter went up ahead. It was still okey. I was already big that time and the going was still manageable.


Photo taken: august 27, 2011

Then in August this year, the third time happen and it still looks like I went swimming because I was bathing in my perspiration. Still I enjoyed the moments with my camera while my friend enjoyed swimming and the gakit ride. When the whistle sounded that we have to vacate the place, I started going up. I am 50+ lbs overweight so surely I can’t make ten steps at a time so I have to go slow. Slowly and slowly. I walked alone and their was no one behind me nor anyone ahead of me that can see me in my slow steps. Luckily, I made it to the top! I smiled when I saw this:


I think I made 10 stops in the whole duration of my ascent. I know I should not force myself to hurry up when all my friends were still down and even if they were ahead, I will still use the pace that would be enough for my heart or else I will pass out and will cause unnecessary worries to my friends. 🙂

The third visit was made possibly by the City Government extended to Iligan Bloggers Summit.  Thanks to the people whom gratitude is due for in relation to my third visit to Tinago Falls in Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City.

The Bi-ad Princesses

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


They are some of my friends from my very own hometown. Had I not enjoyed blogging then I would not meet these guys. So because of blogging, I met and knew Lai, Lovette, and Richard. They are just a few. More people will be shown later.

This photo was taken during the launching and induction of officers of the Iligan Bloggers Society. After the program, the core group stayed behind awhile for aftercare and also enjoyed posing for remembrance shots. This is one of the photos. I like to call them BIAD artists as they do good on that poise thing.

Lack of Sleep

July 20 is already an unforgetable day because it is my mom’s birthday.  But for this year, something depressing happened that the more i will not forget the July 20 of this year.  First was the news that i will be transfered to another department and the second was the discovery that i lost 7 months of blog entries in two of my blogs.  The latter was more heavier than the first so i was sleepless for several nighst that caused me to have dark under eye circles (meaning dark circles under my eyes) that is not so nice to be seen. So for two days now i put on heavy concealer to cover the dark circles.

Just few minutes ago, i discovered some way to retrieve the lost posts by googling using the direct url – and i already recovered some. Woe unto those that i have not really taken down (except for the paid posts) so this problem will just be solved in some days. I really wish to take a leave to spend the whole day in an internet bar to do this thing. But i doubt if i can do so tomorrow when there is a scheduled faculty and staff meeting. So i will try over the weekends. I know i should do it the quickest before the i will be emailed for a refund.