Green Monday # 8

It was one sunny day and the waters are deep blue and green. Great way to enjoy the crystal clear water. But my daughter thinks it’s too hot so she enjoys the shade while I enjoy the water:

Under this green water are very colorful little fishes:

The water is just chest deep but i need to use a life vest to let me float. lol!

How i wish that people will continue to preserve our green environment. Not just the plants and trees but also our seas and lakes.

Green Monday # 7

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The view that greets me when i go out of our cottage door. We are currently in a beach resort and tomorrow is our last day. The next day we will be traveling back to Mindanao.

Anyway here are more greens:

When you approach the resort, you will observe that the place is being covered with GREENS – trees here and there. That is why it is so relaxing and so pleasant here to be in the midst of nature.

Some of the green plants around:

Sky Watching on New Year’s Day!

We traveled that day. From the resort (cabilao island) to the mainland (Bohol) and then from Jagna to Cagayan de Oro City. It was a rainy day. Some hours raining and showering and some hours the sky is just filled with thick clouds. Looks gloomy but deep in me i look forward to be home as i also miss my mom.  And i know i need to be home that day because right the next day students will start arriving.  And am right, before i reached the dorm, two students have arrived already.

Took this photo around 9:30 in the morning

That’s the only glimpse of the golden sun during that day.  Around 4 in the afternoon.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme: