Robinsons Place Iligan Opened!

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[PRESS RELEASE] Robinsons Land Corporation is bringing a refreshing lifestyle hub in Iligan City that will definitely set a new trend in Lanao del Norte’s shopping, dining, and entertainment culture. Building on the fast-growing local economy and rapidly expanding market of the city. Robinsons Place Iligan became the 45th Mall in the Robinsons-Mall-chain opened in the country.  It has a 108-room Go Hotel located right beside it.

Robinsons Place Iligan formally opened on July 26, 2017 along Macapagal Avenue in Brgy. Tubod, Iligan City.

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The three-level shopping mall is designed to be true to its environment – its overall rejuvenating and peaceful ambiance is characterized by cool hues and curvilinear architectural details. The mall’s glass facades, which give way to natural lighting and elevated ceilings with wave-like canopy, will remind you of the Majestic Waterfalls which the city is well known for.



Exciting retail shops and anchor brands like Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Appliances, Handyman, Daiso and Robinsons Movieworld with 5 cutting-edge cinemas and a 3D cinema.

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The people of Iligan can look forward to satisfying gastronomic adventures as the mall will house the province’ famous restaurants featuring homegrown culinary talents. Its al fresco area will also be lined with food outlets featuring delectable cuisines set against greeneries and a calm garden pond.

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Robinsons Place Iligan is set to bring the freshest and finest ingredients to delight everyone’s palates. Among this is Andy’s Crunchchicken at level 3, a Cebu-based franchise known for its crispy chicken meals and other homemade dishes like Cheezy Macaroni, Chicken Ngohiong and Crunchee Burger.

For those who love Japanese cuisine, Ramen-yah! Japanese Noodle and Bento Restaurant’s menu will satisfy your taste buds as it offers a vast array of Japanese dishes such as Ramen, Bento Boxes (Teishoku meals), Sushi and Donburi dishes. Some of its best sellers include Mango Sushi, Tantanmen, California Maki, Gyudon, Tonkotsu Ramen, Tonkatsu Bento and Gyoza. Ramen-Yah! Japanese Noodle and Bento Restaurant is located at level 3.

With the setting of a modern-native Filipino home at the mall’s second level, Bella’s Chicken offers a variety of Filipino food both locals and tourists will surely love. From its entrees such as grilled chicken, sizzling pochero; seafood dishes like kinilaw, grilled tuna belly and sizzling squid; to its comfort meals like pancit guisado, sotanghon guisado, bam-e; food lovers will definitely have a pleasant meal time.

Dear Manok, located at level 3, is just like any chicken joint in the Philippines which features affordable yet delicious grilled chicken dish. But what sets this restaurant apart is their authentic Filipino style of eating your meal by using only your bare hands. Though forks and spoons are readily available, especially when you eat pansit and their famous halo-halo, eating your grilled chicken with atsara on the side plus unlimited rice will make you spell delicious and complete your day.

Other go-to restaurants will surely please foodies’ appetite includes Kyla’s Bistro on level 1; Mr. Curly Chicken on level 2 – with their famous chicken paired with a special sauce; Panagatan Restaurant on level 2 offering a selection of fresh seafood cooked according to your preference; Maharlika Inasal on level 3 – with their tasty Inasal drumsticks; Fontina on level 3 a serving their internationally and seasonally inspired plates; and MJ Lechon on level 3 – with their Cebu-style lechon.

Iligan Food Appreciation Tour 2.0

Hashtag Eat Iligan(#EatIligan), an annual event hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society,  is now on it’s second year and the tour is joined by Social Media Influencers Iliganons as well as the Iligan Bloggers Family.


The 2-day event seeks to highlight Iligan City’s local food scene in various social media platforms. Social media influencers who have a considerable following in their blogs and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be invited to participate in the event.

During the tour, 20 digital influencers will be visiting participating food establishments to sample their offerings and generate live social media postings, promoting the event and the participating restaurants using designated hashtags. — IBS

Since the event is scheduled during the events I am sure I cannot complete the try outs from partners this year. But even then I look forward to joining this event because it’s a time for IBS family bonding as well as meeting new friends.

Our beloved president’s visit @ AMCI

A “very” long post was gone in a wink of an eye because Mozilla crashed. Stupid of me to write it at the FB status section. lols but grrrrr

I started writing it here with the hope that I will transfer it to my blog once a new page for a new post can be accessed (connection is slow so it’s I cannot get a blank page for a new post.)

Oh well, what i was writing about was the waiting and the arrival of the President of the Philippines in our hospital. The few seconds of waving at him and his team from the 2nd floor annex side door was really a high moment. ha ha ha It made me relate to the screaming people at the street when his vehicle arrived. They screamed more when the President waved back at them. Hearing that kind of scream (i was at the ramps and people were lining at 18th Avenue and the Macky’s area made me ran to the Annex. lols!

I then waved hard from the 2nd floor, when he become visible to were we were standing.  We were kind of happy and giggling but yet I can hear the young police man saying, “ayaw diha mam. diri ra ka taman mam” lols! We were not allowed to go near the railings eh. It’s not me who was waiving. All of us at that area and below us were chanting his name.

After sometime, people were going back to their rooms and the place is somewhat clearing, I told Ate Lucy that we go to the loan at the back of the President’s office so we can have a glimpse of the President at a very near distance. 😀 Result of the move: I was able to wave at him and wished him well and I was able to shook the hands of General Dela Rosa. 😀

Thank you Mr. President for visiting our wounded heroes and awarding them medal of valor to commemorate their braveness and commitment to their duty to protect the people of the Philippines even in perilous situation.

Your visit to AMCI will never be forgotten.

A Quick Stroll at the City Hall Grounds

One Saturday afternoon, I joined my IBS family in going around the town to take photos of government offices for Google mapping.  I cannot forget that day because of what I wore to the “event” lol! I should have been informed that the attire is casual because we will still go out to take pictures. I was thinking we will spent our time at the Chamber’s office to map 😀 Hindi pala. Mag picture lang so…hmmm…I looked funny!

Anyway, from Saray, we took a jeepney to the city hall.  I had several photos taken but let me just share a few.

The famous Anahaw Theater. This place is often use for presentations especially during city fiesta. I’ve never been down there. This was still my second time to really come this close.
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Still of the Anahaw Theater (the half part)
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“Welcome to Iligan City” It is my first time to see this marker. I never knew this exist. I then asked them, why is this place here? When it feels like it is in the suok (corner) They said that on the way up to the city hall, this side can be seen from the road.

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I still have to try though if makita ba talaga.

Next is the way to the Tourism Office. I can say Kamingaw sa payag. The place is close because it is a weekend.
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See that signage to Youth Affairs office? I commented on why it’s there and why in a paper or cardboard? They said, it’s a temporary daw.  Then they commented that this particular office is often transferred from one place to another.   Oh well, I hope the place they are in now will be permanent so they gonna have a permanent signage, too.

The playground. We saw a playground right across the tourism office. I bet this is a favorite spot for kids when they stroll in the area. Not just kids actually but for young couplers. Oh my on the couplers or young people dating.

The place is really conducive for dating and if unsupervised lots of things can happen there. No guards roam the area so it is really free zone for those who want a bit privacy in a public place.
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I cannot say that the whole place (City Hall) is awesome for tourist but at least it can be a haven for family strolls.

So if you are in the area during weekend, take some time to stroll the whole area. If you do briskwalk, it’s a bit enough to make you sweat.