Dried Fish…Anyone?

Dried fish is called “bulad” in our dialect, which means it is being dried in the sun. Drying is one way to preserve the meat of the fish. I think this goes through the process of being dried through the sun and wind. Some are seasoned with salt and some will just have the natural saltiness of the sea.

My family used to have this when we were young, but since my mom was diagnosed of heart problem in 2005, we stopped eating this sort of a staple food in Philippine homes.
 photo 20140222_160517.jpg

There are several famous dried fish depots in the Philippines that I know – Pagadian City, Zamboanga City, and Cebu City. But while doing these photos last Saturday afternoon, some of the dried fish displayed are from Jolo! Wow! That was far!

One of my colleagues buys dried fish in Pagadian City and send it to America. For Filipinos, this is a very special food especially if you are far from the home country or in places where it is not allowed to eat this “i dare you” food for some people who are not used to the strong fragrance of the dried fish.

 photo 20140222_160402.jpg

This is my fave variety. But it’s been awhile since I have tasted one.

This post is intended for dried fish lovers here in my city or in neighboring Northern Mindanao towns or first time visitors who likes “bulad” as their pasalubong to their loveones.  I meant to tell you that you do not need to travel far because we also have our own dried fish market here in Iligan City.

Location site of the market is in Barangay Saray. It is so easy to find if you are in the city in the nearby Barangays like Tibanga and San Miguel.

 photo 20140222_160334.jpg

For those who are used to the strong fragrance, the place was just okey. But for those who are not used to buying dried fish, then the place is not for you to visit.

I should have taken a shot of the whole place. My friends roamed almost the whole area. I just took several photos and stepped aside and waited for them. The smell was too much for an ex-dried fish eater. I say ex because as much as possible I avoid it because it is not good for my health.

This one has high content of salt, so it’s never good for an obese woman like me.

This walk was made possible through the Iligan Bloggers Society initiative activity to place Iligan public establishments in Google Maps.  I was late and they were that they decided to drop by the place.

From here, we all went up to the City Hall.

Will post soon about it.

Visit to Tinago Falls: 2011

Months ago, August 27 exactly, I made my third visit to Tinago Falls. The first time was in 1993. I was still in college that time and I was with friends and schoolmates who were working in the business office of Mountain View College. That time, there was still no descent stairs to go pass. The going down was okey but in coming up, we have to grab on tall and sturdy bushes. It was tiring but not as tiring as my second visit.

The second visit in 2008 and I was with my daughter and relatives. There were many of us and the kids loved their swimming time in the pool. For me, I just enjoyed the sides and taking pictures. I have shared a bit of the experience somewhere in this blog. On our way back, I went up with the first group. While others were still queuing in the shower to change, me and my daughter went up ahead. It was still okey. I was already big that time and the going was still manageable.


Photo taken: august 27, 2011

Then in August this year, the third time happen and it still looks like I went swimming because I was bathing in my perspiration. Still I enjoyed the moments with my camera while my friend enjoyed swimming and the gakit ride. When the whistle sounded that we have to vacate the place, I started going up. I am 50+ lbs overweight so surely I can’t make ten steps at a time so I have to go slow. Slowly and slowly. I walked alone and their was no one behind me nor anyone ahead of me that can see me in my slow steps. Luckily, I made it to the top! I smiled when I saw this:


I think I made 10 stops in the whole duration of my ascent. I know I should not force myself to hurry up when all my friends were still down and even if they were ahead, I will still use the pace that would be enough for my heart or else I will pass out and will cause unnecessary worries to my friends. 🙂

The third visit was made possibly by the City Government extended to Iligan Bloggers Summit.  Thanks to the people whom gratitude is due for in relation to my third visit to Tinago Falls in Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City.

The Bi-ad Princesses

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


They are some of my friends from my very own hometown. Had I not enjoyed blogging then I would not meet these guys. So because of blogging, I met and knew Lai, Lovette, and Richard. They are just a few. More people will be shown later.

This photo was taken during the launching and induction of officers of the Iligan Bloggers Society. After the program, the core group stayed behind awhile for aftercare and also enjoyed posing for remembrance shots. This is one of the photos. I like to call them BIAD artists as they do good on that poise thing.

Unforgetable! Cebu Blog Camp 2011

I was there! The first bloggers event i attended outside of Mindanao.   When i  decided to attend, I did not know exactly what to expect and experience in the said event but i managed to mention a few when i posted in the pre-event post requirement that i posted in my other blog. I thought the typhon Cheding would spoil the plan.  Nah.  It was a peaceful night. Slept soundly in my bunk during the whole trip.

I arrived at the venue in Sacred Heart Center on time,  in fact one of the first 25 to arrive and we were given an Airphilexpress token – a shirt and slippers in orange splendor.  Photo?

Note: My camera was not working during this event.  Ask me why?  Not here. It will be in another blog post.

There were 7 speakers during the day’s event and all shared their line of expertise:

Mr. Paul Gotiong

A member of Cebu Digital Photographers shares the basic of photography, use of camera settings, composition and lighting, and photography gears and its uses.

Aside from his PAUL tips, he shares these reminders when posting photos online:
– Always watermark your photos
– Always resize for web use
– Respect Intellectual Copyrights.

Note: photos am using in this post are not mine.  They are Janelle Moran’s photos who happen to be one of my table mates. Notice the watermark on the photo.


Mr. Estan Cabigas

He is one of the famous Filipino travel/photography bloggers.   That I concluded after going through Langyaw blog and of course after listening to him.  He is a multiawarded blogger and freelance photographer based in Makati City.  He makes stunning images and has writtten for CNN Go and his photograph published in the May 2010 issue of the National Geographic Magazine. He’s a pro!

He shared 8 tips travel bloggers won’t go without and one of his lines that everyone agrees on is: Travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul.  Travel is s a journey to oneself.


Ms. Janette Toral

Famous to many bloggers as the founder of Digital Filipino and author of the Blogging from Home book.  I’ve listened to her in previous 2 blogging events in Mindanao and this time she spoke on  Blogger’s Etiquette 101 and shared do’s and don’ts and in media and blogging event.s  (i noted down them down but will make another post for it and link later.)


Ms. Aileen Apolo- de Jesus

I fondly think of her as Ms. Google Philippines.  🙂  Ask why?  Because she is Google Country Consultant for the Philippines.   She is always one of the speakers in all the blogging events i attended since I started blogging.  She updates us on Google services.  This time she talked on how to improve your travel by maximizing the use of Google services.  She suggested the use of Google Maps in travel blogs and to edit maps by using Google Map Maker  (that GMM won me a GMM T-shirt!) and many more.


Chef Anthony Gomez

His once is the Head Chef in Ativo Italian resto and also in Marco Polo Cebu.  He spoke a lot on passionate cooking that one thing i cannot forget is that if tomato still tastes like tomato in the cooking then what you are doing is perfect.


Mr. Coy Caballes

A Vlogger and Globe Social Media Manager, he spoke on the basics of social media marketing and share tips on how to increase traffic and audience.


Mr. Ruben Licera Jr.

He is a Certified Internet Marketing Expert and he shares his professional expertise at http://rubenlicera.com.  He shares with us the core of social marketing through Facebook and the rules of Facebook Marketing.


Mr. Eric Su

The owner and founder of PicLyf.  He introduced PicLyf and also promoted the use of it by detailing why PicLyf is a life photo sharing community.  (now this reminds me to open an account asap)


The speakers used Power Point in all presentation as they were given only a short amount of time to present their topics.  That made me more uncomfortable in my seat because to get all the infos that i need, I have to take photo of each slides but damn my camera…it was so useless!

Anyhow, i’ve taken note of what was so interesting to me and then spend some time with the Plant and Zombies to divert my mind from the loss of my battery. And it is due to this situation that i missed going out with my Iligan fellow bloggers because i wanted to hurry home to check if the battery was dropped anywhere in the bedroom or under the sofa in the sala.

The event was truly successful.  Their working team was great.  The energetic Mr. John Mendoza was so friendly and energized that everyone felt at ease during the whole event.  They have already announced the Blog Camp 2012 schedule and will fall on May 26, 2012.

I missed so many photo opps but I make sure I will make it up next time. =)