Pre-war Postcards of Manila

I met a few new friends during our meet-up at the Manila Central Post office last November 23, 2011.  One of them is Lawrence Chan.  It was a quick hi and hello but everyone feels like we were all long time friends.  Jonathan collects stamps and I guess postcards too and I sensed he is very familiar with the museum that he picked a book (stamp catalog) showing me an old stamp of Maria Cristina Falls.

One of the things he showed me from his collection are these pre-war postcards:

These are pre-war postcards of Intramuros and the Jones Bridge.  I think this is really a treasure.  These were shared to him by some members of the philatelists who meets at the museum every third Sunday of the month.  If I am just staying in Manila, I’d surely love to attend the monthly meetings.  Who knows I will also receive treasures such as Jonathan have.

Nostalgia (my 11th)


Stamp Collection

I was still in the fifth grade when i started collecting stamps. We exchanged stamps with schoolmates and classmates. There was even a time when stamp stealing was in that we have to label our stamps with our names. We wrote our name at the back of the stamps we are planning not to swap with anyone. I remember to have have two big envelopes – one for my collection and one for stamps that are to be given away or for swapping. During those years the only foreign stamps i had was from the USA, Libya, Saudi Arabia and other Arabian countries. That means some of my schoolmates fathers are working in the Middle East.

In high school, I was given a box of old (really old stamps) from my boyfriend. I can imagine they were collection of his mom. He gave it to me and the more i was so inspired to continue my collection.

I didnt stop collecting and i think i will continue this hobby until i grow old. hehehe Although the passion is not as much as it was in high school, yet I still grab and swap doubles from friends. And lately, i got these from a kababayan who relocated in Canada.

I so love this!

I think Emarene (online name) Emma (her real name) read in one of my posts that i collect stamps and she promised me that if someone comes home to Pinas, she would love to share some of her stamps. One day, in Facebook, she asked for my address and indeed i got a parcel. It was already home waiting for me. When i opened the cute parcel, omg! so much stamps gushed out of the envelope. All Canadian stamps.


Last year, i also got packet of them from Mommy Ebie and am just so happy.  I am also sharing my double copies to one of my colleagues.  He collects stamps and he even have them categorized.  Mine is still in heaps in boxes.  Hopefully one day i can categorized them and album them.

I wish there is a philatelic club here in my hometown, but there is none that i’ve known.  Buti pa sa Bacolod meron.  🙂  I was once a member of the Negros Occidental Philatelic Club. 🙂  That was in 1996.

5 Cards at One Time!

I should have made this post last week yet because 5 cards arrived together last week.   This is my first time that the cards came in bunch.  They were from (1) Los Angeles, California (2) South China (3) Taiwan (4) Germany (5) Neitherlands

I haven’t scanned them all but the 2 of the 5 cards were already scanned and walled by the sender:

from germany april 27

This is from Torsten of Rostock, Germany.

A beautiful card of KHEB.

The note with it says:  Greetings from Germany!  I live in Rostick, a Mansealic on the Baltic Sea with 200,000 inhabitants.  City foundation was 1218.  To Berlin on the highway is only 2 hours.

los angeles april 27

This is the one from LA, California!

Carrick sent this with the note:  Hello Arlene!  Greetings from California!  I live near Los Angeles in the city of Irvine.  LA is known for its freeways and a lot of traffic.  The city is very spread out so almost everyone has their own car.

If i can take the time to scan the other 3 cards then i would share them with you later.

My postcrossings latest update is that I got 5 cards that is on travelling status. 3 of that is still to be mailed later in the afternoon. 1 card mailed to Germany expired after 98 days. I guess it was lost in the mailing highway.    So after this post, I am going to prepare  3  postcards to be mailed to Finland, USA, and Shanghai China.  Id like also to note that the recipients this time are all male. 🙂

Are you collecting post cards?  Do you like receiving postcards as well as sharing postcards to people around the world?  Then you better check out – you will indeed enjoy the sharing.