#Eat Iligan 2.0: House of Fries


I was back at House of Fries! That was my third time. First was during their opening, second with my kids, and this time, it is with the #EatIligan group.

Fries! The name says it all but mind you, they do not only serve fries of different flavors.  They too have money-value meals that can be enjoyed by anyone in any occasion.


This time, the owner, Sir Gelo, shared with us their new offers that is worth recommending to family and friends like, their sizzling fries, cheese Bowl, triple trouble Burger, and sizzling chicken.




My pictures cannot give justice to the yummy look of these foods.  Sorry. I was late and hapo with the heat of the day. But thanks to their coolers, it relaxed me a bit. So, you should go and check out their foods.

House of Fries is almost one year old.  You may check out their Facebook Fan Page for their anniversary pakulo mechanics. Who knows you will win the lucky person who will win the prize!

This food house is located at: De Leon Corner Ramiro St., Iligan City.


Weight Loss Envy

I envy many of my girls friends who lose weight naturally.  Give them lots of problems – emotional, financial, spiritual then in 2 weeks, they lost 10 pounds.  I think they are so great – it’s like they are using quick weight loss pills. But not me.

When i have problems in whatever forms – I look ok but i crave for comfort foods and most of the carb rich foods. I know it’s wrong to satisfy my cravings but just can’t say no at times when the food is already placed in front of you.

I am not depress today but i did enjoy this:


Meaning, depress or not, i enjoy pasta and the difference is that – i seem never to get full when i am not feeling well emotionally. Yay!  I should be more mindful of what ill be eating and how much now because am not getting any younger anymore.  And I still need to lose alot of accumulated unwanted weight that am having now.

TWThW – Night Scenes

This Way Thurs-Way

A Thursday meme of roads & its signs, signages, paths, passages, street scenes & the like. Hosted by Tink.



i went out last night with some friends for a pizza treat. it was my first time around the place so i was able to take this few night scenes of signages. in spite the wet road coz it rained, we enjoyed the time out.