Foods @ Villa Estrella

We were on our road to Davao City last March3, 2013 (Sunday) We were suppose to leave Iligan at five in the morning, but due to some matters beyond our control, we left at six already. Sun was already up and thinking of the 6-8 hrs to go, I felt quite uncomfortable. But I know we are in good hands because the drivers we had are very much capable.

This post is about the food we had for lunch. We had breakfast at the house of Pastor Nelson @ SPUC then after a quick breakfast, we went our way and decided to have lunch at Maramag, Bukidnon instead of Valencia. So, we had it at Villa Estrella:

 photo IMG_1608.jpg

The place: restaurant

 photo IMG_1616.jpg

Beef stew with ampalaya

 photo IMG_1614.jpg

Crispy Buntot

 photo IMG_1615.jpg


The food is quite pricey if we have to base it with our meal allowance. But since we had a free breakfast, each one was very much able to share in the cost.

Wanna know what I ordered for me? I had breakfast!

So if you need to fill your stomach or you need a place to stay to rest or stay for the night while on your way to Davao or down south, check out Villa Estrella Fine Inn and Restaurant@

P-6 Sayre Highway Anahaw
Maramag, Bukidnon
Tel # (88) 356-1057

Tel fax # (88) 238-5356
Mobile # 0907-5229865


Express Service at Xtremely Xpresso Cafe, Subic

I had the chance to try the services of Extremely Xpresso Cafe in Subic Bay, Olongapo City the other year.  Our host (Mitch of Mitchteryosa) treated me and some of our Kuro Kapatid for a dinner there.  It was the first time Mitch and I met after more than six years of being online friends.  That was my first personal trip to Manila after sometime and I did not let the chance pass by without meeting her for real.

PhotobucketOne of the things I observed was the quick serving of orders.  No wonder the place is full.  Foreign service men also loves to dine there with their families.  I bet one of the reasons why people keep coming back is because of the systematic Restaurant System they got. For some people, time is very precious and dilly-dallying is not in their vocabulary.  So we were lucky that time, because no time was wasted as some of our friends has to travel back to Manila that afternoon.

Holiday Diet

I never heard of holiday diet before.  But now, several of my friends will go on holiday diet by avoiding eating too much  food that causes skin allergy .  Filipino cook so much food during Christmas parties and so much parties happen during the Christmas season, but then they are advised by the doctor to avoid protein so that her skin disorder called eczema will eventually heal. She’s been medicated since the other year but she can’t help herself stop eating the yummy foods offered to her. One of the best foods of her that she can’t say no yet it will really make her skin reddish when the allergy attacks is the shrimp and crabs. She loves sea foods but her system seems does not love sea foods. So this holiday season they will be on a diet but feed themselves with fresh fruit juice and lots and lots of vegetables.

During the travel to Zamboanga last month, i tried not to eating chicken every day because I was scared my skin itches and blisters.  I knew very much what food causes allergic reaction so I am trying with all my might that i won’t get tempted to eat friend chicken or any recipe of chicken or sea foods three times a day.

Dining at Pinokyo, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All photos are not watermarked but are mine.  If you want to use it in your blog, please ask permission.  Thanks.

There are so many places to dine at at Paseo del Mar.  But during weekends the place is typically full.  We almost had a hard time finding a place to eat and just to relax while enjoying the food, the music, and the night.

We picked Pinokyo because it was not yet so crowded when we arrived.

They serve varied foods at very reasonable prices.


Dimple ordered for herself beef toppings and the california maki.  I had pancit canton and this:


This cost P1.00 each.  I was so impressed so i ordered 20 pcs. I think I ate more than what Dimple had.

My friends had:

~~ sisig~~

~~ Lechon Kawali ~~

~~ clam soup ~~

And oh i had a whole serving of the java rice: