Just Beautiful # 1

A Wednesday photo meme that depicts something that is JUST BEAUTIFUL. Be it an old or new photo taken by you. Grab your mouse and join us by clicking the above widget. =)

My entry this week:

In spite of a funny local name, this flower is just beautiful. Taken at the lawn just when you step off the girls dormitory stairs.

Photo taken by me.  More photos @ My Photoblog.


Looks like we can feel the spring is also here.  Why?  Because there are some flowers that only bloom around this time.  Check this out –


I dunno what’s the name of this flower but looks like it belongs to the Lily family of flowers.   I love taking photos of flowers but we don’t have that much around the campus.  There are a few but they didn’t catch my attention.


Not the flower that will left your mouth open in admiration but what caught my attention is her color.  Commonly we have pink and reds of that around here.  It’s just now that i saw the white ones.


It looks like Dahlia but I am not sure if it is really Dahlia.  The color is so lovely against the sun and the red ground.  I wished to pluck it but remembered that if someone sees the flower it surely brings a smile to their faces.  We are going back to that place soon and hopefully i can see more springy type flowers.

Today’s Flowers


i took this flower shot right outside the gate of the school.  Wish i could take more but i was not comfortable with the place.  It was not a safe place to pull out expensive even cheap gadgets as long as it can be sold because if thieves saw you have these stuff then you are a candidate for hold-up or will become a thief victim.

Here’s another i took weeks back:


This arrangement graced the isle for the graduates to march on.  Taken the other sunday during the 14th graduation exercises of our school.

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