Getting to Know a Person Better

My daughter is now a growing up fast into a lady.  In few weeks, she will be starting her Junior year in high school.  Looking back to the time I was her age, I already have a boyfriend.  High school crushes.  I know it was not allowed in the campus yet I cannot remember much anymore how a guy courts a lady. lol!

My girl is already into crushes (actors and celebrities) but nobody yet from school.  It makes my heart smile deep inside.  Though I don’t want her to go into any relationship while still studying but I would also love the thought that someone likes her.  lol! Bad bad me (they said).  Anyway, if ever one day, in the next two or six years, someone will court her, then for sure I would like to know the guy better.

How to know the guy better? Aside from having a back ground check I would also make friends with him and invite him at home for meals or just to relax with their other friends. I will also tell him that our home is open for his visits on days when they don’t have classes.  I will also remind them that they should prioritize their studies first.  Love and friendship is fun during high school days but when there are love quarrels, it affects the studies.  So better not be so serious in love relationship while in school.

Honestly, I wish my little girl will always be a little girl so that she won’t discover the world of love and attraction of the opposite sex.  But this is life!  All of us pass that stage which is just normal.  This will really be a challenge for because am a single parent.  I hope she won’t give me a headache later in life.  Hmm I really don’t think so.  I am raising a good girl. =)


I’m Just Around

I am suppose to be blogging as much as i can during this times (first week of January 2011) but I was am just too busy.  Not really busy like i need 10 hands but the worry of work and mom’s health is stressing me up.  We admitted her in the hospital January 2 evening and we discharged her just last night.  Quite several days and the first time since her attacked in 2006.  My mom is not yet really that old.  She’s only 68 but her heart ailment is the one that really moves her slow.  Goodbye good ole days for her already.  She has to accept to move slow and if possible no more heavy heart or any work that would stress her heart.

Will be on today and i am hoping to make updates on all blogs. 🙂  Update it with interesting stuff aside from tasks.

Happy weekend guys!

Ads Sign

During our last night in Zamboanga City, before I call it a night, I made time to see my cousin who was working at Jolibee (Camins).  We were so happy to see him.  It’s been quite awhile since the last time we saw him.  I was amazed how much weight he lost and he too was amazed how much weight i’ve gained since the last time we met.  We laugh at that matter.  When it was time for us to leave, there was one car in the parking space with an ads sign at the back,  in bold letters, it says, we sell cheap car insurance . I then told him, hey take note of that number because that might be a genuine offer. It is seldom now adays to find reliable cheap car insurance. And for those who have vehicles, they really need to insure their cars in case they will meet travel accidents.

If i have my own vehicle, then for sure i would check out that ads.

Nostalgia (my 13th)



This is an old photo of my kids. I was the one who took this so am not in the picture. This was taken in summer of 2000 and i guess the only photo of the two of them.  Oh there were still so wee in this old photo and me? hmm i guess i was horribly big than i am now.  lol but it’s true!  I was bigger and ugly that time.

These two kids haven’t seen each other again since after that summer. Because of unfortunately events, i deprived myself of living with my son since that year and counting and went home to my daughter. It was not easy for me as a mom but i tried accepting the situation. My daughter though is mum about her feelings although there was a year that she wonders how her brother looks like until we got a photo of him in 2008. They have a few similar features but it was obvious am there mom. 🙂

In the next photo shows me with each of them them in two separate occasions. I wonder when would be the time the two of them could meet up again.

sept 26

For now i just wonder because I still dunno when.  I am a bit sad for missing the latest Cebu Pacific promo fare of P10.00 then we could have made it to Manila on January next year.

I am just waiting for the promo then for sure these two shall meet.  🙂