Mountain Scenes

On my way back from Davao City in broad daylight, I just cannot help but appreciate in wonder the beauty of the green mountains, blue skies, and cottony white clouds.

The following photos I am sharing were taken by my not so high-powered camera phone. But I was really awed so I just click and click while the bus goes down the road.  I

I  wish the bus was more taller than it was so I could fully enjoy the mountain scenes at a distance without any obstacle of any objects from my view.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

There were several road works along the way, so we were stuck in a long queue of vehicles. But instead of getting annoyed of the delay, I just enjoyed clicking as well as my phone’s game keeps me occupied.

Commercial Photography

That green thing up there looks like a green giraffe or a green reptile looking for something on the ground.

Goodbye Blue Skies

I was so overwhelmed with blue skies for the past days.  We arrived in Bohol Thursday morning and right away I fell in love with its clean blue skies.  The blue green deep waters are so inviting that even for someone who is scared of the deep longs to jump in the water and swim.


But today, I say bye to the blue skies because we are heading back to Iligan City – the original home.  I have made several adopted homes around the world but there is no sweeter home than the real home.

I guess everyone feels that way, too.