A Quick Stroll at the City Hall Grounds

One Saturday afternoon, I joined my IBS family in going around the town to take photos of government offices for Google mapping. ¬†I cannot forget that day because of what I wore to the “event” lol! I should have been informed that the attire is casual because we will still go out to take pictures. I was thinking we will spent our time at the Chamber’s office to map ūüėÄ Hindi pala. Mag picture lang so…hmmm…I looked funny!

Anyway, from Saray, we took a jeepney to the city hall.  I had several photos taken but let me just share a few.

The famous Anahaw Theater. This place is often use for presentations especially during city fiesta. I’ve never been down there. This was still my second time to really come this close.
 photo 20140222_163912.jpg

Still of the Anahaw Theater (the half part)
 photo 20140222_163920.jpg

“Welcome to Iligan City” It is my first time to see this marker. I never knew this exist. I then asked them, why is this place here? When it feels like it is in the suok (corner) They said that on the way up to the city hall, this side can be seen from the road.

 photo 20140222_164509.jpg

I still have to try though if makita ba talaga.

Next is the way to the Tourism Office. I can say Kamingaw sa payag. The place is close because it is a weekend.
 photo 20140222_165232.jpg

See that signage to Youth Affairs office? I commented on why it’s there and why in a paper or cardboard? They said, it’s a temporary daw. ¬†Then they commented that this particular office is often transferred from one place to another. ¬† Oh well, I hope the place they are in now will be permanent so they gonna have a permanent signage, too.

The playground. We saw a playground right across the tourism office. I bet this is a favorite spot for kids when they stroll in the area. Not just kids actually but for young couplers. Oh my on the couplers or young people dating.

The place is really conducive for dating and if unsupervised lots of things can happen there. No guards roam the area so it is really free zone for those who want a bit privacy in a public place.
 photo 20140222_165943.jpg

I cannot say that the whole place (City Hall) is awesome for tourist but at least it can be a haven for family strolls.

So if you are in the area during weekend, take some time to stroll the whole area. If you do briskwalk, it’s a bit enough to make you sweat.

Lunch By the Beach | Midway White Beach Resort

Two Saturdays ago, I tag along with my friends and a new friend as we head to Midway Beach Resort.  Our visitor hails from Davao City and he is on a journey exploring the wonderful places of the Philippines and thankfully he included Iligan City during his trip.  I think Iligan was the last before he traveled back home to Davao.

 photo Photo0215.jpg

The weather was perfect but it was too hot in spite of the we were by the beach side. The water looks so tempting but no one dared to swim because the sun feels like it wants to eat the whole of you when you are out there. They have a swimming pool, but it was a bit crowded. When it’s a small pool, I don’t like joining the crowd because we do not have an idea on how many times the pool is cleaned or if the water is flowing or not. They have the adult pool as well as the kiddie pool so hopefully they have stuff like goldline salt cell for their use. ¬†It is really important to use the right things and materials in maintaining the quality of pools.

We just tried to enjoy the view around us while we waited our food to be delivered. ¬† ¬†Here’s a couple of the food we ordered:

 photo Photo0210.jpg
— just some of the foods: chicken adobo & friend ketong–

There was also the pansit and the calamares. We had green mangoes, sinegwelas, mixed nuts, and chips (junk foods). Jam, Alex, Glen, me, and later Richard feasted on these simple foods. We were so full but still no one was tempted to swim. We looked forward to be in a place where the wind is cool and we will indulge in a very very cold softdrinks or soda, so we decided to leave.

Before we left, we had few shots. We asked someone to click the camera for us. I still haven’t seen any group pic we did but I hope later, they will share.

Since I still don’t have a copy of a group pic, let me share my selfie one: hahaha

 photo Photo0217-1.jpg

That’s me!

And we left. We directly went to Echavez to grab a cold softdrinks and we also enjoyed their cool place. After a short while, we head off to the forest through a motorela.

Motion Caught

It’s been awhile since I enjoyed clicking the shutter of a camera. ¬†Asked me why, because my camera (CANON IXUS 120is) died a premature death last December. ¬†I haven’t had it checked but I can guess there’s a big damage so I never mind about it. ¬†Someone asked me if he can check it, so tomorrow if I will not forget to carry the camera then Sir Q will check it up.

This post will not be about the broken camera. ¬†But this is about some of the photos I took during an overnight retreat at Midway Beach Resort at INitao, Misamis Oriental. It’s there that particular Sunday I experienced my first banana boat ride. ¬†The photos are not of the banana boat ride but of motion caught.




They are not perfect shots I know but with Esther’s point and shoot camera (Canon) I so like the result. ¬† I am still saving up for a studier camera and I hope I can buy one first week ¬†of April.

Thanks to my friend Esther for allowing me to use her camera as much as I can that day. ^^

Thanks also to the presidents of the IT and BSBA club of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College  for inviting me as one of the chaperons in that activity.

photo credits: sunshinelene

Wishing am Somewhere

It is a long weekend yet am stuck to where I am now. It’s a perfect time to travel but the planned destination is not feasible. So I end up here. Whole day today, I was just home. I did not sleep the whole night last night so I ended up sleeping 7-3 today. The nice thing is that, I have done my daughter’s laundry and also my office clothes. Tomorrow, I still don’t have specific destination or activity, but I will surely go out.

Just want to share some self shots I made yesterday ^^