Skywatch Friday: A Comeback Entry

It’s been ages since the last time I made an entry to this sky photos meme.  I love making sky photos but due to work, I just have the sky photos in my pc file.  But now, I am thinking that I will submit an entry whenever I can.  I maybe late at times, but late is better than never. Right?

So for 2012 – here’s my share for today:



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A Skywatch Come Back? (SWF # 118)

I checked out my category on Sky Watch and I discovered I have 117 posts. So it means I posted 117 times sky photos for SWF. Honestly, I miss doing this. The last post was in March this year and just eventually stop because of unreliable internet connection. This meme is well loved by many that participants so the list goes up to 300 and even beyond that. I feel bad of not going around to at least 10 or 30 so I just stopped. But this time, since I have a better connection, I thought of doing a come back, thus this post.  I am planning to random hop to at least 50 skywatch joiners every week.

Please enjoy some morning skies I took last Wednesday this week at the South Philippine Union Conference of SDA compound in Cagayan de Oro City.


My companions and I decided to check out the front of the building before going to the cafeteria for our breakfast ^^



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