A Momma’s Pride


My heart swelled with gratitude after this girl was all cleared for graduation. It made me teary eyed thinking of all her hard efforts the past four years.  Adding to that thought is the happiness my mom would feel if she’s still around now.  I know that my mom looked forward to this occasion, too!

This is just the beginning of the future success of this girl so we should not get too relaxed after the Graduation exercises this weekend.

I would like to eternally thank the people who have supported this girl in this educational journey!  The road to success is endless and this girl will continue on.

Learning to Let Go

I went away for the weekend to go along with my daughter to another city for her second rotation.  It was not planned.  But since the school decided to let the students go on their own , anytime and any day in the week as long as they should be there before the Sunday orientation,  I then decided to go along with her and see to myself that she has settled well with her roommates in the room assigned to them.


I did not mind going along and taking the long trip because I love to travel.  Opportunities like this makes my feet literally H A P P Y!

Me and the happy girls!

For 2 nights, we slept side by side in the big bed.  On the first night, just the two of us while on the second night, Shaira was already in, so the 3 of us in the big bed.  I am suppose to travel back on the second night, but due to the strong rain, I decided to sleep in and wake up early the next morning.

The Sunday orientation was suddenly changed into a Saturday night schedule.  They reported at six in the evening and I thought they would be done in an hour or two. But nah, they came home past 10 in the evening with the news that they have to wake up early for the 5 o’clock bayanihan!   I do not know what to feel and react!  I just kept my cool and tried to look happy for them.  But really I cannot understand why they have to do the bayanihan on their first day before rotation.  Anyways, my plan to leave early the next day became definite.

Early morning came and the kids left for the hospital before I got ready to leave. I was not able to stick to my plan to wake up really really early. Ha ha ha. Lazy me! But indeed I did not feel like going home.  I had wished for a moment that I worked there so that I would stay there until their rotation is over.

I stopped daydreaming and left the house and I arrived at Ecoland terminal before the bus got full.

When the bus was about to leave, I tried calling the daughter.  Her phone just rang but she is not picking up.  I let it pass.  When the bus left, I called again. I just wanted to say that the bus has left and I am really going now.  Still the phone was not picked. I tried many times until the bus passed by the hospital, and still my call wasn’t picked.  I felt more sad than disappointed.  The fact that I am leaving her and we will not be together for some months hit me hard on the chest.  Then the tears started to fall fast.  I tried calling again while controlling a sob.  It took some time for me to feel better and stopped crying.


Despite my tears, my sad feeling was never obvious to my seatmate – a lady who was excited to touch the clouds when they reach their destination.  My tears were hidden but I cannot stop blowing my nose. lols!

My mind then wandered to the time in the past when my mother brought during my first trip to Mountain view College for my college education. I can no longer remember if I cried when she left. But it made me wonder what she felt that time when she left me there.

I was already far from the city when the daughter called.  She said she tried several times to contact me but I was out of reached.  Possibly because of the signal in some areas.  She was laughing when she knew I cried.  She laughs while I cried!  Oh kids these days! lols!  She asked me why I cried.  And later she said, “stop crying na”.

The tears eventually stopped falling and I said to myself, I should start to learn the art of letting go of a child – because one day they eventually leave me and will have a life of their own.  I guess it is just easy to say it and think of it, but when the time comes, no matter how ready I would be, I will still bawl in tears.

Davao City is not really too far but it is farther than MVC and the daughter will not be home for several months.  So that explains my sudden sadness.  I then thought maybe I would make Davao my kitchen. lols!


Jewelry Holder for Her

Last week, I received a big box of whatsoever goodies from my cousin.  The box is filled that it is exciting to think what’s inside before it was opened.  When the box was opened, i carefully pulled out one by one what’s inside checking of all stuff have names for whom.

Then I pulled out something like this:

 photo F20AC6F3.jpg

(photo not mine. source: internet)

It got a name at the hood “Dimple” and so I said to myself, so this is it! I am sure she will love it. She does not have enough jewelry here to hang it in that holder, but she got a few that it would look nice if placed in a jewelry holder.

Scouting for Saxophone

Months ago, some of my co workers tasked someone to scout a saxophone for them, for their kids use. I also asked the favor but not for a saxophone, but for a violin.  I had my violin but there was no saxophone for them.  They were told that they ran out of stock but hopefully it will be available months later.  My friends were disappointed but I told them about saxophones for sale at a Music Center. I dunno if they have already ordered because the problem with this is that, they have to order from the states and the freight costs much. So if someone comes home from there, it would just be easier and way cheaper since it can be hand-carried by the bearer.

I was thinking for sometime that my daughter would ask me one day to buy her a saxophone, since her dad plays music with the saxophone so beautifully.  That’s how I know though I wonder now if he is still constantly practicing to maintain his being a sax artist.  But that day hasn’t come yet because she is still satisfied with her piano lessons, and also the violin lessons that need her full attention.