Wishing for a Seoul Evening


  • The Namsan Tower (Summer 2017)


Last night, I posted this photo on my Facebook wall with the caption: “Dreaming for a Seoul evening.” After work, I took time to browse youtube going from one LMH vids to another. Then while listening to the songs of his My Everything album, I suddenly felt a very strong “missing Seoul” feeling that I could almost cry.

Well, I really have days like this especially during the seasons I visited South Korea – spring and summer for now.  I then wonder how would I feel when I can complete my bucketlist of being there for autumn and winter.  Maybe I will decide to relocate there. ha ha ha


Celebs Look-Alike :-)

I found this in my draft folder and it was being drafted in 2008. I tried checking it out if I could make an update, unfortunately, the Celebrity-Look-Alikes no longer exist.  But the Heritage website is still the same, but it’s now a site that will help make your family as long as you provide the right data. 🙂

So these are my look-alikes back in 2008.


Thankfulness Thoughts

<3 salamat Ginoo sa mga panalangin nga imong gi bubo karong semanaha.

<3 salamat sa kinabuhi nga ginatagamtam namo taman karong tungora.

<3 salamat sa amiga ug amigo nga nakapapugong sa akong edad ug naghatag kanako ug gugmay ug kalipay.

<3 salamat pud sa pagtandong sa kasing kasing ni pulis nga nakapanweldo siya sa iyang mga asawa.

<3 salamat pud sa mga trabaho nga imong gihatag ug sa mga inughatag pa.

<3 salamat sa mga pulong ug mga edea nga moabot sa among hunahuna sa panahon nga magkandarapa mi ug sinulat sa imong mga panalangin.

Palihug pud ko ug hikap sa kasingkasing sa mga tao luyo sa paypal nga hinaut itaas ang baylo aron dili modugo among ilong sa kaguol nga human sa binilaray ug sulat ug mga gitara ug uban pa, malipay pud ang tanan ga trabaho.

I am just happy to see and be able to talk with old friends.  I felt so loved and I thank God for people like them.  <3

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am pretty!!! No matter what they say. ~~


Reflection Shot

This photo reminds me of the song REFLECTION by Lea Salonga in the movie Mulan. I really loved that song. But listening to the version of Christina Aguilera it is also nice. If you think the photo is an eye sore then just enjoy the music.