Postcrossing | Taiwan – TW 2540170

I posted a Formosa, Taiwan card just last week. Now, I am going to post another card with similarities of the one I received last week. This made me think that maybe this card is a Formosa/Taiwan series. Because if so, then I would love to have the other cards of this series.



Last week, I got the card through a direct swap.  This time, I got this through Postcrossing.  I am just glad the card looks pretty and clean, there were no postal marks in the back portion.  See that? 🙂

Postcrossing | Direct Swap | Formosa, Taiwan

I got this card through a direct swap. Direct swap means, personally messaging another collector that you are interested to swap with a certain card she posted as “FOR SWAP.”


I used GF Philippine as a swap for this card.  Transportation category is one of my fave categories especially trains.


She used two stamps and that fruit stamp is a candy to my eye. 🙂

By the way, should you wonder if Formosa is another name for Taiwan.  No! Here’s the right description of the place —

The Republic of Formosa (literally Taiwan Democratic State) was a short-lived republic that existed on the island of Taiwan in 1895 between the formal cession of Taiwan by the Qing Dynasty of China to the Empire of Japan by the Treaty of Shimonoseki and it being taken over by Japanese troops.

So, now you know! <3

Love Month 2018 Swap Received Cards

I really love postcards!  Mint ones and written and stamped ones.  After the Christmas 2017 swap, I then organized the Valentine’s 2018 Swap.

The group was not as big as the Christmas swap because I limit it to 15 participants para isang group lang.  So the following cards are the ones I received for the Love Season 2018.

— A nice card from Sir Wilz! —

— A heart drawn in the sand. so cute, lovely, and kind of romantic. Sent all the way from New York!

–A card showing an area an hour away from Loma Linda, the home place of Ate Joy! Thank you,
Ate Joy for this card! —

— A personal design of sis Quelynn really intended for the Valentines 2018 swap event. —

— Another cute card from Yvi! I love the back part because it was decorated with a gold tape. Lovely!

— YOU from Jennifer Chan.
I love this because YOU reminds me of many songs:

YOU are the one who makes me happy when everything else turns to gray…
YOU are the song playing so softly in my heart…
YOU are my sunshine…

–A valentine greetings from Sis Willa all the way from USA! —

–Sakura love from Japan! Reminds me of spring.  Thank you sis, Clang!

–Flower love from Lance! The flower is pretty but marred by that ink stamped huhuhu —

–A quote postcard sent all the way from Hong Kong! Thank you, Joy Lim! —

–This sweet card is from Joy Camato. The candy makes it soooo sweet! —

–A love quote card from Sandra! So beautiful! The verse in the front is one of my favorite texts —

–A dreamy view of the Eifel Tower in Paris. Thank you Abegail! —

–A quote card from Maricel. Mailed from the Philippines because she was home during the swap time 🙂

–A cute illustrated card from Sundae Domingo. Dreamy scene. —

I know another swap call will be made later this month for the Easter time. 🙂

I am really happy to receive these cards. Thank you each one who has joined the Valentine’s 2018 swap.