Green Monday # 16

A glimpse of the city hall grounds one morning. I think it’s really great to go up there every morning for an exercise. ^^



–Me and my friends used to run up and down this stairs the last time we went there for an exercise.–


I love a place that there is much greenery.  It  helps in cooling days when the temperature is so high.  One of these places here in Iligan City is the city hall.  No wonder, many comes to this place to spend the afternoon to stroll and watch the sun set.

Green Monday # 15

GREEN should be part of our daily diet.

Thanks to DARE! I had greens everyday for the last seven days. I so love my feeling. I got 42 weeks to go for me to reach my ideal weight. Right diet plus exercise the dietician is sure I could make it.

Tomorrow we will be presented during the morning devotional.

Green Monday # 14

I just love the design. I can imagine the hands have done this delicate task of sewing the beads on a thin cloth.

A flowery design ^^

That’s me in green blouse (a me portrait after arriving from church)

After changing my Sabbath clothes, i then went to the kitchen to prepare my food. The designed food for someone like me who wants to eat healthy. So, I had this green “grass” lol! Brown grass can’t be eaten eh.  I ate this fern with fresh tomatoes.