Iligan Food Appreciation Tour 2.0

Hashtag Eat Iligan(#EatIligan), an annual event hosted by Iligan Bloggers Society,  is now on it’s second year and the tour is joined by Social Media Influencers Iliganons as well as the Iligan Bloggers Family.


The 2-day event seeks to highlight Iligan City’s local food scene in various social media platforms. Social media influencers who have a considerable following in their blogs and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be invited to participate in the event.

During the tour, 20 digital influencers will be visiting participating food establishments to sample their offerings and generate live social media postings, promoting the event and the participating restaurants using designated hashtags. — IBS

Since the event is scheduled during the events I am sure I cannot complete the try outs from partners this year. But even then I look forward to joining this event because it’s a time for IBS family bonding as well as meeting new friends.

Renewed for Another year

Last July, I let one blog go.  It was a travel blog. I felt a bit sad because it was a gift to me on my birthday 2 years ago.  Then last month, I was noticed that this blog’s domain is also scheduled to expire. Since this is an eight year old domain with so many posts, I am having a hard time moving it to a free hosted free hosted format.   Good thing, I just have enough amount to pay at the right time.  The reason why this blog is still up now.

Welcome WP 4.0 and I think it’s a cool one. I just need to read more reviews and comments about it and also take time to get used to it.


If women often talks about fashion, men often talks about cars. Am sure men does not always talk about women. They said there are even situations that men are going crazy for car accessories as they love their car deeply then their spouse. Huh! i can’t relate because i don’t have a spouse. lol! My boss always emphasize on the cleanliness of his car as he believes that his car represents himself.  I think he is right.  Whatever things we love and how it looks like reflects our personality.

Now check out the accessories that you need for your car even if you are not really a car lover.

Still Blessed

In spite not much time is given to this blog, this blog is still very much blessed. So I feel like dancing with the music every time I felt that this love is really loved. This is one of the oldest blog that I have started. A gift from a blogging diva, so whatever happens to me, whatever happens to my finances, i always make sure I have enough to pay for a renewal or at least I am able to borrow some money just for renewal.

When I have time, I will try to check out when is the birthday of this blog.  I have taken note  of it long time ago but I guess I lost the list.