Eat Iligan 3.0 – Day 1 – Part 1


Eat Iligan is here once  again.  This is IBSes 3rd year food crawl event. I always consider it as a privilege to be invited because I am a member of the society.  Food tasting for 3 days? Who in their right mind would say NO to that except they have a much important appointment to meet somewhere.  So again, I am in this year. 

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Lots of my friends are asking me what is Eat Iligan and why I am posting such yummy foods on my Instagram and they are warning me that they gonna unfriend me for posting such. Lols.  Well here is the official background of Eat Iligan.  

Eat Iligan is an invitational Iligan Food Appreciation Tour organized by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. The 3-day event seeks to highlight Iligan City’s local food scene in various social media platforms. Social media influencers who have a considerable following in their blogs and social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are be invited to participate in the event.  The hastag EatIligan #EatIligan is being used throughout the event.

Day 1 

Official opening of the Eat Iligan 3.0

The event was started with a short program on a Friday evening.  Everyone – locals and visitors from Cagayan de Oro were warmly welcome by the organizers.   The official welcome was done by the IBS President.    All the generous partners  were introduced to us and some even took time to do some presentation such as Streetby and the GBC Cagayan de Oro.

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IBS president giving the warm welcome to all the participants.

The following are the partners of the three day event whom we owe a BIG TIME THANK YOU!

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and ILIGAN DAILY FOR beautiful and nice white SHIRT (UNIFORM)
on the Sunday crawl. 


The list of participating food joints or restaurants were given to us.

Day 1:

Jacko’s Kan-anan Twitter/Instagram: @jackoskananan website: #JackosKananan


After the opening program, we had the hearty and yummy Jacko’s meal. Busog na busog that we head off to Paseo de Santiago to see the place and walk around so our tummy will grind the food faster and will leave space for the Greenwich offers.

Photos and words will be on the next post.


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