Green Monday# 13

I love shady places especially if the temperature is high. Yesterday i was out at a friend’s home and i like their front part of the house because there were several big and tall trees that it shaded their veranda.

I wish I am a bird perched on top this tree.  When I am, for sure I am not perspiring. ^^


This oil painting art hanged in the receiving room always get my attention.  I love the green in it.  For sure this is a bard and i can imagine the day is cloudy and i would love to lay down on the grass (face up) and paint a farm in the sky.  🙂  Don’t you love the green in it?  Looks so real.


NOTE: all photos are mine and not up for stealing.  please ask permission or link back you like to use them.  Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Green Monday# 13

  1. @Willa – possibly sis. The aircon output can freeze u abnormally but the coolness of the shade with breeze can let u fall asleep comfortably. 🙂

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