Here Comes the Bride

Today, one of the graduating students got married.  They were married in our campus church.  Their color is royal blue and yellow.  I haven’t watched the ceremony but they said it was nice.  The bride was beautiful. Her girls and maids are also beautiful. There are many of the maids that wore jewelries. I wonder where they rented those Bridal Jewelry as most of them wore the same designs.

The event was known thoughout the campus and it’s like there were several students who asked if it is really okey to get married if schooling here at Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College.

The question is unexpected but then i answered “of course” right away.  Students can get married even if they are not yet graduates.  It’s their lives so that school has no say about it.  But if ever the woman or lady got married for the reason that she is already pregnant, then for sure she will experience a whole year break from this school.  I bet they were satisfied of my answer that they cheered and jokingly said to each other that maybe they too would get married.

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