Budget for Travel Insurance

At times, i don’t like to purchase travel insurance because i don’t have a budget.  Good thing if the sending organization gives you a budget for it.  When i travel without it then i just pray and pray hard that nothing bad will happen during the travel time.  My cousin told me that in the states, it is always encouraged to be covered by insurance when traveling.  So they purchase rv insurance for their RV incase there would be accidents, the rv would be insured. Oh we’ll they have big salary to pay up all the insurance they need while on stint there for 5 years so money is not a problem. It’s just the willingness that needs be adjusted. They are still in transition stage meaning their ways and thoughts are not yet very westernized so they still grumble about additional expenses. Yeah sounds additional to them but it is a must purchase additional expenses. So, she just have to abide.


While on our way to Zamboanga City.
Along the way it rained.


The bus we took on our way back to Iligan City.

This bus left the bus terminal at exactly 6:30 in the morning.

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