Sky Watching on a Friday

It was my first time to be on a plane with camera at hand. After the take-off i just can’t stop clicking the shutter. It was a Friday last week so i was literally sky watching on a Friday. 🙂




The clouds in the last photo looks like scattered sheep. 🙂

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

8 thoughts on “Sky Watching on a Friday

  1. the camera never leaves the hand when you’re flying. there’s plenty of skywatching opportunites to take when up there.

  2. hi, wish you’d stop calling me a name who i am not…thank you. it’s not the first time you said that on my blog. this is not a post comment so please don’t publish it but if you wish to, it’s ok.

  3. someone will really back up your identity that you are Pacey and that you own that blog. anyway, it’s okey. am not commenting fowl on your posts. They are all nice photos.

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