Nostalgia (my # 4)


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I love postcards! I started receiving them when I was still in highschool. But it was until 1995 that i started to receive them in several pieces after I met someone online who is a postcard collector. She was a Filipina by blood but become a US citizen when her family moved to the States. Her name was Melinda and she just sent me plenty of cards in exchange for Philippine postcards. It was more of a swapping than sharing. She sent me cards of her trips and my favorites are the ones of NY city especially of the Twin Towers.

The card am posting here is a card I received in 1989 from a penpal. Her name was Megumi Higa. We were exchanging letters and one day she wrote to me using a postcard. This card is one of the first cards i received during my younger years when i started sending postcards to friends.

This is what she wrote:

Thanks for the post card and letter! This post card is one of our SDA college I applied to, but I’m going to La Sierra this September. I’ll probably major in business but I might want to become a physician. I have a sister who’s 17 and a brother that’s 15. My sister is a Sophomore (10th) here but my brother isa Freshman at Far Easter University in Singapore. So all together there are 5 in our family. I’ll ask my dad if they know a Dr. Maehara when they come to the States this month. Thanks for teaching me all those Tagalogs. I can’t memorize all of it but I’ll try. I’ll teach you ILOVE in my language – Aishitimasu. Maybe someone might know. Well, I’m not worried about my finals. They’re not too hard. I only have Bible & Spanish II. Wish me luck. YOU have a good vacation, too!


I dunno when did we stop writing to each other but i can remember well that when i was in the last grades of primary school until highschool am so fun of having penpals. Some of them i met personally in years that came. But Megumi, we never met. I tried searching for her in Facebook but am not successful. Probably she is around 40 now because i was still junior in highschool and she was entering college when we started to write to each other.

She was a very lovely Japanese girl.

8 thoughts on “Nostalgia (my # 4)

  1. Wow sis, I am so impressed about your penpal adventure. Saan mo nakuha yung interest or what made it spark? I didn’t have a penpal till I was in College hehehe. I actually almost got married to one lol. May FEU din pala sa Singapore noh? She speaks very good english being a japanese (am not saying that japanese can’t speak english but most of them prefer not to, I think). Ngayon ba sis, do you still have penpals?

  2. Did you marry one of your penpal? (Sorry for asking, am not even sure if yyou’re married lol). My wife showed me the letters once she had had with her penpal then.

    My Nostalgia entry is late, but I am hoping that you can still visit, thank you.

  3. Wow, nice experience in penpal communication. That goes way back before. I tried but didn’t push through coz I’m afraid. lols, Hope you can meet her someday.

  4. @mel – why you were afraid? it’s fun having pen pals! i just love the thrill that a mail from abroad is waiting for you at home. 🙂

  5. @John – nope! i didn’t have male penpals. All were ladies. Some of them i met later in life and some didnt and Megumi is one of those i never met in person.

    i had male friends online but i never married anhyone of them either though i was related to one for many many years. 🙂

  6. @tatess – thanks. yeah i think this is one of the nice post cards i have when i was still very young.

  7. @Rose – when i was young i already love to read and one of the christian magazines i read were GUIDE or GUIDEPOSTS. there are penpal portions there. some friends too introduce me to people who loves penpaling so that inspired me to have penpals until i graduated from college.

    since i got exposed to internet, penpal thing just stopped.

    re: good english. I think they were missionary kids. their parents are often working abroad so they did not grow up in Japan.

    re: FEU – i think they only have FEA, sis. Far Eastern Academy. Most of the missionary kids studies in Singapore those years.

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