SWF – Morning Glow

The sun was slowly creeping up the horizon but its ray already shone brightly in the hallways of the dorm. That’s what i saw when i woke up the girls at 5:40 this morning. The bold rays of the sun promises a very bright day and for sure it’s gonna be humid if one goes out.




The sun looks so small in this picture but its light is already an irritation to the joke-woke-up eyes. =)

Great weekend everyone!

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

17 thoughts on “SWF – Morning Glow

  1. We always get surprises from the sun first thing in the morning.

    Lucky you! I don;t get to see sunrise, only sunset!

  2. Very cool sunrise photo Arlene! I’ve always waited for sunrise to take a photo of it but I always miss it.

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