God Answered Prayer

Always i know but not as evident today.  Currently, the PHilippines is experiencing El Nino and we have high temperatures even before the summer time was officially announced.  The riverbeds almost runs dry and even the water supply for the electric power was affected.  Almost all over in Mindanao experience daily power interruptions from the minimum of 3 hours to up.  So this morning, as what they told me, they have prayed for rain.

And guess what?! Early this afternoon the rain fell!  It was real rain.  Nobody was prepared for the rain so many got wet.  It was still raining when the office hours finished.

It rained for several hours and when i went out to the hospital lobby to wait for some friends, this is how the sky looks.


The thick fluffy clouds were really dark that i thought it would rain more. Good thing the rain totally stopped when we left the hospital compound for Calda.

Pizza pics will be in the next post. 🙂

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