New Year’s Morning Nature Shots

Our Weekend Memoirs

Please allow me to share another glimpse of our new year’s day again. 🙂  My camera hibernated this weekend eh.

It was confirmed the night before (3 am actually) that we were leaving early morning because we will attend church before Dimple and I will proceed to the van terminal for Jagna to catch our ferry at 4 pm.

I have stayed in the resort for 10 days but I was not done taking pictures really. It seems everyday I find something to photograph at. So here are a few:

The Hobbit House

If a guest wants to stay in this house, he or she must make an early reservation.
The couple that stayed in this house while we were there, made their reservation earl last year.
If you sleep inside you have the fan.  If you sleep up there, you have the fresh air.

An edible flower. 🙂

Am glad to find this before we grab our bags to leave.

Spending two weeks in beautiful island resort is very relaxing experience.  I hope to visit the place again someday.

More photos of the resort is at my


Wedding of the Year

Our Weekend Memoirs

I call it the wedding of the year because it is the first wedding i’ve attended as well as participated this year. I am not sure if there would be more weddings that will happen here around and am invited to witness so, am calling Rona and Sir Junge’s wedding the wedding of the year.


The bride marching down the aisle.


~~ Mr. & Mrs. G entering the clubhouse ~~


The small cakes (baby cakes) =)

Wedding Date: August 22, 2010

SWF @ the Pool



This was taken during the Independence Day holiday.  No work.  No classes.  So, it was just a right time to accept a birthday celebration at the pool.

I didn’t enjoy the swimming very much because the pool is too deep for those who can’t swim but i enjoyed the view immensely.  Missed my camera so much.  Thanks to one of the CI’s who brought her camera with her so I was able to make these shots sky shots and more shots for Our Weekend Memories entries.

Photos for:

Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

Weekend of Goodbyes

Our Weekend Memoirs

Id like to think that it is was a very lonely weekend because everyone was leaving.  How i wish i too would pack my bags and go away. hahaahaha.  Seriously i would do so if it is just ok.

Of the 47 ladies, there were only around 10 girls Friday evening. Thursday afternoon, my dorm partner left for a short fun vacation to Bohol. A dear friend left for Bicol early Friday morning. And i was left in a place where i can feel so much emptiness. Yet, the handful of girls and I went to church for vespers and the Saturday. I just missed the Saturday afternoon program because we came in late from our lunch rendezvous at the seaside.

Here are a few weekend photos to share:


a sky photo i took while going up to the dorm through the side door.
when i don’t feel inside, i look up the sky to hope for a positive vibes.

This was taken around past 5 and i was waiting for the sunset.  I enjoy the sky view from the fourth floor and i think last weekend is my last weekend to enjoy sky level view.  We are moving down to the old dorm this week and there will never be any sky view anymore.  🙁  Anyways, i did some ironing while waiting for the sun.  And after sometime — i can already see red streaks of sun rays trying to penetrate my pink/lavender curtain.  So i have to run outside the dorm lobby with my camera.

I clicked so many and this one is one of my favorites.  Taken at 5:54 pm.


I was really missing someone when i took those sunset shots.  I was even wondering if he was seeing the sky view i was enjoying that moment.  So i sent him an sms asking – if are we seeing the same sky because if so then for sure the world is just so small because we are seeing the same orange sky.  He replied that he is not seeing an orange sky because sunset is being blocked by a hill.  >> I think if there was no hill for sure the view would be very beautiful because that friend was out in the Lipata pier in Surigao.  They were off to the other side of the island at 7 that evening.

Saturday lunch, i was invited to go along with my boss and friends to have lunch at Hagohoy.

P5220358 500

A distant view of Iligan City.


I was still making this post earlier when the power was interrupted.  Now i want to get online from my lappy but it’s not connecting.  I really dunno what’s the problem.  So the few more pics i wanted to share is there.  I can use a usb but this office pc is pregnant with virus and I am afraid that my lappy will be infected if i will transfer files by using the usb.

So am publishing this post now and i hope that tomorrow i can add some more photos.  If not tomorrow, the next day or if not the next day, will post it on Sunday at the main blog.

OWM – A Quiet Weekend

Our Weekend Memoirs

I had a quiet weekend at home that made me almost forget that i had a few photo shots made yesterday morning when the kids were getting ready for church. I just can’t imagine was lazy the whole time that i only took fashion poses of my nephew. They can’t be shared really because my brother will kill me but let me share one so that you will better understand what i am meaning to say. 🙂


A very masunurin na bata! I asked him to pull out from the locker Dimple’s dress for church and the next thing i asked him is to try putting it on and have a pose for me. We were all laughing and giggling. i can see he is enjoying every minute of it. (pls never mind the messy background.)

– a closer “neutral” shot with a scarf on. –

Here’s also a Friday morning pics taken on our way home from the dormitory.  This was way past 12 noon and the sun is still so hot. ~~



We were off to a relaxing weekend at home.  🙂  Carl was carrying dried fish and we had that for Saturday lunch.

I thought of painting eggs for fun but my mom cooked the eggs for our Saturday viand. lol!

Here’s wishing everyone a –

OWM – Lots of Food Again!

Our Weekend Memoirs

The other weekend was the culmination of our week of spiritual emphasis. As always, we celebrate the ending and entertain the guest speaker during potluck. The gathering was attended by the members of the administrative council from both the hospital and college. The Advetist Health Professionals also attended the Sabbath services here because they had a meeting at 2 pm.

I will be sharing to you some of the foods we served that morning. Again, i missed the Sabbath service.

— Fresh Lumpia —

~~ baked spaghetti ~~

~~ paksiw na bangus ~~

Actually these are just some of the main dish. Let me share also some of the sweets we served that day.

~~ cassava cake ~~

~~ palitaw with sweetened buko meat filling ~~

~~ looks like a peanut cake ~~ 😀

~~ this is so sweet! looks like brownies but beware of it’s sweetness. tastes like macaroons coz it’s like brownies with desic. coconut filling which is soooo sweet. ~~

With this is also the ice cream. i ate so much ice cream for straight two days that is why when Monday came i had sore throat. Tonsils lil bit inflamed.