GREEN is the Color of Love

February 25, 2011 was declared holiday for schools and i was so happy because Thursday is last day of work. When i heard that there is a tree planting on that day and open for everyone (non student) i volunteered to go.  At least i got something to do instead of just lazing up in bed until half of the morning is over.

I wanna share some photos taken that morning and let the photos tell its story although i may add some comments or description to tell the whole story.

A plant a Tree Save a Soul project sponsored by the Junior Commerce International.  This project is not just a tree planting project but they monitor what they planted until it is full grown.  This program wanted to tell the world through our communities that we should be environmental conscious to improve global warming.

The “plastic-free Iligan” was also being mentioned and i hope that will be materialized.  To support that program must start within ourselves.  What we do can cause a ripple effect so if ever we personally is environment conscious, people around us will get the idea and also will apply it themselves.  We can start it by using green cleaning products at home. In this way, we support environment friendly products.

A Mahogany tree seedling

– The tree given to me to be planted. Actually one of the trees. I had two. –

– Me planting my tree. –
Below that spot is a stream and two meters away from this spot is also a coconut tree. Down by the stream is a house.

I am hoping that in years time if ever i can have the chance to visit the place, i can still that tree grown big and strong.

Thank you JCI Iligan for the invitation extended to the schools.  We look forward to your next invitation. =)  Keep up the good work!