Travel Aid

I overheard my friends talking about their driving experience in the United States of America. A couple did not ever plan of driving there because they are not scared as the vehicles there ran so fast and they were used to 60 miles per hour here in this country where some people are not so respectful of traffic. They just do when the see policemen.  To them over there is more organized but they just have a problem of speed.  Anyway, one of the friends shared his experience that he traveled from one state to the other just using the magellan gps to guide him through and through. They brought a map, too just in case they will still get lost.

While listening to their tales, I made a promise to myself that  i should learn to drive so that I can bring myself anywhere even if my hosts are on duty.

I wonder if most of friends online do treat gps as their travel aid.  I think I am going to ask them now.