Manila Sunset

Manila sunset is one of the famous view in the Philippines anyone could capture in a camera or video.  That’s my opinion and I am sure many would agree with me.

In the many times I’ve been in Manila including the almost one year stay in Pasay, I never had the chance to go to Roxas Boulevard to take a photo of that beautiful sunset. There are many shots of it across the world wide web so it is my long time wish that one day, I will have the chance to capture it.

The chance came – February 2, 2014.

It was not included in the list of things to do during our Postcrossing – Philippines meet-up, but when walked out of The Hub to the statue of Rizal, the sun rays was ablaze. It was so near us – it promises a wonderful view of sunset, so we decided to go to the bayside  to watch sun go down over Manila Bay. So, allow me to share some shots =)

 photo 20140202_174753.jpg

This was my first shot. I then knew that my phone cannot capture the beauty that my eyes have behold. But then anyways, I only have my phone to take pictures.

Enjoy more shots:

 photo 20140202_174834.jpg

Here I am trying to get a zoom photo. I can’t zoom more because the result would be a pixelated one.

 photo 20140202_180428.jpg

 photo 20140202_181204.jpg

I have more in my file but let me just share these four.

I am glad we decided to watch the sun go down. Thanks to my companions: Sis Willa, Raine, and Joelle (new friend) — friends who just not love sunset but also postcards, stamps, and stickers. lol! Rence and Philip were with us in the meet-up but they got an appointment somewhere in Cubao so they missed the sunset that day.

Now I decided that my phone – Samsung Galaxy Win is just a fine phone. lol! I thought it is equivalent to a 3310 when it comes to modern era Samsung phones. ^&^

One day in December 2010

The dark clouds threatened us to leave the waters that early evening. But we prayed it would be driven away by the wind because the kids planned to have a bonfire later after dinner.

That’s my girl and her cousins. =)

It was a beautiful sunset although a storm was threatening.

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Sky Watching on New Year’s Day!

We traveled that day. From the resort (cabilao island) to the mainland (Bohol) and then from Jagna to Cagayan de Oro City. It was a rainy day. Some hours raining and showering and some hours the sky is just filled with thick clouds. Looks gloomy but deep in me i look forward to be home as i also miss my mom.  And i know i need to be home that day because right the next day students will start arriving.  And am right, before i reached the dorm, two students have arrived already.

Took this photo around 9:30 in the morning

That’s the only glimpse of the golden sun during that day.  Around 4 in the afternoon.

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Sunset & Paseo del Mar

It was a very humid afternoon.  The sun was so bright yet it was so cloudy that the sunset was not that glorious.  I hope you will enjoy the following photos:

IMG_2851 watermarked

The sun  was still abit bright but surrounded by the grey skies.
Camera set to sunset mode.

IMG_2872 watermarked

The weather was cloudy during the 4 days we were at Zamboanga City.  We were not able to take a very nice golden sunset yet we had wonderful time seeing places within the city.

These were taken at Paseo del Mar
Zamboanga City

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Sunset from Our Kitchen Window

Please click on the photo for better view 🙂 thanks


We have one kitchen window. And beyond the rooftops is a nice scene of the sky. In this photo is one of a sunset taken last week.

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