Valentine’s Day Sky

It was a sunny day.  I was at the airport to meet the ACSCU accreditation team from Manila.
Being stranded in an open and sunny area is not so pleasant.
Good that i have my camera with me so i just click and click on the sky.
These are just some of my photos.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

SWF @ the Pool



This was taken during the Independence Day holiday.  No work.  No classes.  So, it was just a right time to accept a birthday celebration at the pool.

I didn’t enjoy the swimming very much because the pool is too deep for those who can’t swim but i enjoyed the view immensely.  Missed my camera so much.  Thanks to one of the CI’s who brought her camera with her so I was able to make these shots sky shots and more shots for Our Weekend Memories entries.

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Thanks to the sky watch team for this great photo meme:

SWF – Sky from Maria Cristina Falls


It was a fine day when we visited Maria Cristina Falls last Sunday, November 29.

They now made this landmark more accessible to the public by creating a Nature Park from the entrance to the viewing deck.  Maybe more photos and other details in another post.


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Sky Watch from St. Agustin Cathedral

One fine Sunday (Oct 25, 20o9)  Got this during the city tour of Cagayan de Oro.  This was our first stop – San Agustin Cathedral.

It was my first time to enter a Cathedral and see things at close perspective.

PA251042 500


The sun was up and a perfect day to do sky shots.