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I Love Shoes!

I love shoes that if I can have at least 1 new pair every week or every other week I will do so.  I love all types, flat, pumps, heels, casual, and sporty.  Even boots!  But boots can’t be worn here so I buy those which I can use at work or after work activities.

I brought an extra pair in my two days trip to Manila.  Just for two days I had 2 shoes.  One is flat and the other one is easyspirit walking shoes. I did not regret wearing the bulky shoes because it helped me survived the long hours of walk and standing during our second day there.   Because I love the feel of the shoes, the flats went back home unused. lol!  But in my work this week, I think i’ve work the flats twice.  It is a comfortable feel on my toes when it’s so busy at work and at some point I need to do an errand.

I want another pair of footwear this Christmas.  But it’s not a priority.  Just in case there is extra, surely I want to grab one.

Plus Size Bathing Clothing

Honestly, a woman like me who wears size 12 and above do have a hard time finding bathing suits here in the Philippines.  Reason?  Asians are normally small and thin framed.  So a plus size clothing is a category in any shop.  One of the places I go and try to find plus size section is in SM Mall.  There i tried scouring for plus size lingerie because women as we are no matter what the size, still loves to look and feel sexy in the privacy of the bedroom.  It does not mean that when you are a big sized person, you are just worth a cloth wrapped a round you.  There are many designers too that cater to plus sized designs and it’s very interesting to see catalogs of their designs.

I haven’t done any shopping lately because I am in the process of shedding the excess pounds.  Since summer until now, I have lost a total of 20 pounds and I know with God’s grace more are coming up.  So I haven’t done any major shopping yet because maybe 5 orf 10 more, I will change my wardrobe.  The only thing I got last month was a T-shirt I got from the UK shop.  5 pounds more then am off to buy a jeans.

Shopping Galore

I am experiencing fun going around the shopping places with two women who loves shopping.  I love shopping too but i don’t have the cash that the women i am with have.  We went around several buildings full of garments, fashion bags, shoes and accessories.  Just so many items to buy.  The shoppers are not the local people but they are people from all over the world.  Others are just doing the leisure of shopping and there are also others who are seriously buying stuff for business in their home country.  This afternoon, i saw two big Arab guys with big bags of shopped  clothes.  I saw them at the shop selling vintage t shirts and I am sure they bought a lot, too!

My daughter’s grandma bought some of these dresses:

Travel Gifts

I saw two big vans carrying students of University of Mindanao (for sure from Davao City).  They passed by Cheding store to buy Iligan’s famous peanuts.  These guys were engineering students.  They crowd the shop and everyone was going having purchase.  A couple of guys at one corner were also taking about buying a watch and i dunno if they also want to scout for a document management software at another store. One of their instructors interrupted their talk by telling them that they have to hurry as they are still going to drop by Lim Kit Kai Center to check if the said software is available there. I admire engineering students. I guess they are so good in sciences. I suck in math and science so it is my hope that when it’s D’s time in college, she will not have a hard time passing her maths and sciences subjects.

I was at the store to buy peanuts for some friends am going to meet this weekend in Zamboanga City.

I got one more to do and am off to sleep…even a few hours before taking a bath.

Where’s your Best Buy?

Offline i know of several shops where i do my best buys.  But online i think the place is only at best buy. It is at Best Buy that you will find cool sale items, clearance blowouts and many more specially in electronics and gadgets. I checked out their laptops and they still have some reasonable deals but my problem is who is going to handcarry it for me to the Philippines. So for now, i just note what hot items they do have and email my friends out there to check out weekly deal or the latest at Best Buy.


Made in China

I visited a friend’s blog earlier and she said that she lies shopping in Chinese shops because what they sell are very affordable.  I agree with her but the like or love is not what i feel.  Having worked there for several years, i can say that not all their stuff are of good quality.  If you buy a dress at low cost then expect that the dress will just be good for a month or two.  U can almost call them disposable because after a couple of use they are not as good as the sellers promised to be.  With that experience I am wondering what would it be like if one buys cheap auto insurance ? I hope that they are still legitimate insurances even they are bought at a very low price.  Products made in china for export purposes are durable.  But their local products for the local populace is never as good as those that are exported.

Real Treasure Chest?


Not really!

This is just a miniature of a treasure chest.  If there are no chocolates inside and instead of plastic transparent covering is glass or wood then it’s really a treasure chest that can be used for some abobots.  Well, this one is from Bangkok and underneath that box is a barcod for the barcode scanner which made shopping a little bit easier compared to paying without the scanner. The invention of barcode scanner makes a shoppers’ paying a whiz because it is just so fast.  It made shopping more convenient.