It’s been awhile since i visited Saturday 9 site. Today’s topic is very interesting so id like to join the s9 this week.

Saturday 9: Lies

1. “Everybody lies. But it’s alright because nobody listens.” is one of Bud’s Law’s. What do you lie about?  My age. I want to feel older than my actual age.

2. When you purchase a DVD, what besides the the movie itself, what do you enjoy the most? Is it the director’s commentary, the deleted scenes, the bloopers or the behind-the-scenes documentary?   The bloopers or behind-the-scenes documentary.  I love the ones of Jackie Chan.

3. What would you most like to accomplish before the year is over?  My internet connection will be moved to my current place.

4. What is your current percentage of online shopping? Is it going to be more this year than last?  Sorry to say, I haven’t done any this year.

5. What’s left to do at your place (or where you are going)? Is the tree up? …or maybe you’re just happy you found that fave Christmas coffee mug and are calling that good?  I want a tree up but can’t because we have a monkey at home. Maybe next Christmas.

6. If you could get worry free, cost free plastic surgery, would you? If yes, where?  No. I am happy this way. But if it can be converted to shopping GC’s then  I wanna have that freebie.

7. Do you think the child you were growing up, would like the adult you’ve become?  No.  If we could just have a glimpse of what would ourselves at this adult time, then we would have been very careful in every decisions we make in this life.

8. What will you miss about 2011?  The feeling of being thirtiesshhh ^^

9. What is something you’d love to see invented?  A pushbutton to the future.

Call Me

My first for this year! I checked when was the last and it shows the last one was November 9. Tsk tsk tsk where was I all this time? 🙂 Anyway, i wish you all S9 friends a happy and productive New Year 2010!

Saturday 9: Call Me

1. Who is someone that phones you routinely that you never seem to be up to talk to, but you are not ready to push them out of your life?  None.  I wish there’s one. lol!

2. What is something that effects you deeply, to your core, no matter your mood or what else is going on in your life?  People who can’t just be happy for you or for someone or their friends.  They are just so full of negative thoughts or ideas about your or what you are doing. Haiii i wonder when are they going to leave this earth.

3. Tell us of something that relaxes you and always makes you happy.  Cuddled up in bed with a very fluffy pillow and good book with a very fine weather.  In a quiet environment.  (Mountain please)
4. If you could take the train from anywhere to anywhere, where would ‘anywhere’ be?  Europe? All over Europe.  Although never been there. 

5. If you could look into the future, how far down the road would you like to see? 10 years? 100 years? A million?  Just a year or two. 🙂

6. Did you do your shopping online for this Christmas, how did it go? Did things come in on time? Any significant failures? …and if you didn’t, will you consider trying online shopping sometime this year?  Nope.  I did my shopping early January. 🙂  And maybe will never shop online ever.  I love the feelign going around shops to pick a present for friends and family.

7. What people or projects are worth your time, money or effort?  My daughter.  My Mom.  My friends.  My job.  And the very least fortunate.

8. Think back when you were in high school. Are you proud of the way you dressed, or do you wish you could go back and change it all?  Hmmm i think i was doing ok.  It was the prescribed dress code.  Am schooling in a boarding school eh where  you can’t go around campus in shorts and sleeveless tops.

9. Do any of your friends, family or co-workers know about your blogs? For those that do, did you tell them or have they stumbled upon it by themselves?  My friends and family yes.  Co – workers?  Some. 🙂

S9 – I Ran

1. When’s the last time you ran?  Today. I was in a hurry.

2. Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them?  I am not wearing jeans right now though i can remember that none of my jeans have rips or holes in them. 🙂

3. What are you dreading right now?  When my nerves will start to relax for am sure i am going to feel how really tired i am now.

4. Do you like Mexican food?  Yes.

5. Favorite ice cream?  Rocky Road

6. When was your last doctor’s visit?  August 6, 2009

7. Do you get the full 8 hours of sleep a night?  Nope. It’s been quite awhile since the last time.

8. How many pets do you have? 2. Our stray cats. One is named Pacman.

9. “First Loves Are Never Over;” is this true for you? Yeah but not the feelings.  My first bf is always my first love as he deserves to be called that.

Saturday 9 : Rain

While humming the song rain gently falls whenever you said goodbye…and let it rain let it rain let it fall…am feeling heavy inside but i have to forget it because i still have to check on this ceramic tile featured and also do this Saturday 9. hehehe

I love the rain although it depends mostly on the situation.

1. What do you typically like to do on a rainy day?  I love to sleep.

2. Tell us about the last time you did something you later regretted, that you can share with us.   I turned back a nanny job opportunity for a royal family in Saudi Arabia in 2002.

3. I recently got an email from a lover from a very long time ago. I was asked “Have all your dreams come true?” If it were you and it was from someone you remember fondly, how would you answer the question?  I’d say not all of my dreams came true yet.  Maybe it would have been if i have spent my life with him. hahaha

4. If you had a job interview and was asked, “If you were an animal, what kind would you be (other than human?)” How would you answer that question.  I’d like the a dog.  Because a dog is man’s best friend.

5. Do you think it is a good idea to share with a new lover stories of your past lovers?  Not good. Not bad. It depends on the situation.  If he asks for it well id share — but not all the details.  Some things can be left unsaid but can be understood. 🙂

6. When do you think it is permissible or even important to lie?  If  it would endanger the life of a person.

7. What was the last thing you did that you never thought you would?  I don’t think i’ve done one lately.

8. What is one important lesson that you learned from your mother?  Work for an education because it is something that no one can take it from you no matter what happen.

9. What is one important lesson that you learned from your father?  None.

S9 – Yankee Doodle Dandy

1. What is your favorite 4th of July memory?
(If you aren’t in the U.S., then use your own national holiday.)
June 12 2002 – my first time to witness national holiday in the capital of the Philippines (Manila). Me and my friends witnessed the president joined the program at the National Park of the Phils (Rizal Park). 2 days later me and my friend flew to China. Then in June 12, 2005, it was my first time to attend national program at the embassy of the Philippines in China. Days later, i flew back to the Philippines to pursue another plan.

2. Do you consider yourself patriotic?
Yeah, i think so.

3. Do you like fireworks?
Yeah it can be a spectacular watch.

4. What are your plans for this weekend?
Tomorow, i need to attend a seminar for Office assistants.

5. Are you optimistic about the future?
Yeah i am because all trials in life shall just pass.

6. Do you think everyone should serve in the military?
The sick or those with ailments should be exempted.

7. Would you support a constitutional ban on flag burning?
Of course! Each national flag represents a country. Its people. So no matter how bad a leader is or how bad a government is, flag should not be burn because the flag does not only represent the leader nor the government but of the whole people. My point is – if one apple rotten it does not mean the whole fruit tree is rotten.

8. What end of the political spectrum are you?
Am not into politics.

9. Where do you get your news?
Occassionally TV and or internet.

S9 – Do You Think Am Sexy?

1. Who do you think is sexy?
To me someone sexy is not necessarily showing off bare skin to be called sexy.    She or he is someone who looks good  in how the way he carry herself or himself with the choice of clothes she or he is wearing.

2. When does it become love?
When the person cares too much for the other.

3. Are you a good dancer?
Nope am not.

4. What magazines do you read?
Religious magazines.

5. If you could have any name, what would you call yourself?
Sharon Rose.

6. Have you ever ridden in a limo? If yes, when?
Nope. Never had the chance yet.

7. What is something you really like to do?
Reading in bed.

8. Last chance: Who wins Idol, Kris Allen or Adam Lambert?
I dunno.  Don’t watch Am Idol from my end.

9. If you had to, what animal would you choose to be?
A dog. A collie.

I like the questions this week!

Now am off to check what my friend is asking me to check out best diet pills so that we can join dancing lessons next year. I told her i still look sexy even though am having these extra tons of flabs.  lol!

Artistic Dividers



Settling a Score

1. Do you feel that you have “a score to settle” with anyone? Hmm i can’t remember of anyone right now.

2. Do you own anything that you think is unbreakable?  My bed. 😀

3. Tell us about a crazy thing you did in high school.  Agreed with my friends to cut class and then we we went to the cafeteria and stole some food. lol!

4. Name the one talent of yours that you think is the best.  My smile. 🙂

5. Who wins American Idol? (if you don’t watch, tell us about a reality show that you do follow.)  I don’t watch any.

6. What is your favorite movie in black & white?  Les Miserables

7. What is one thing advertised too much on TV?  Food & Shampoo

8. What is your current favorite TV drama?  Tayong Dalawa

9. What is your current favorite TV comedy? Always Mr. Bean

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Artistic Dividers


An Eerie Tapestry

Liar Liar…

1. What is the last “white” lie that you told?

— Friday.  To mom’s friend. I told her to wait for the money in the afternoon though the money was already ready Friday mornin.  I was just trying to give her a bit of a hardtime. lol!

2. Can you forgive a liar?

—  yeah i can.  i just would like to think that there is a deep reason that i should know why a person lies. and it depends on who he is, the next time is you can’t lie again.

3. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate?

– – it depends on the situation. 🙂

4. Do you hold a grudge?

– – sometimes. hahahaha. Am just human.

5. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

– – I don’t have a boyfriend yet i have though not active. hehehe

6. Are there times that you feel that it is okay to lie?

– – Yeah i think so but i still ask the Lord for forgiveness.  And incase if it is my friend or a closefried i lied to maybe in later time i would tell her/him the truth and the reason behind why i have to lie.

Another examples is that, a burglar comes to your house or bad men and they come looking for your parents – would you tell them the truth of your parents’ whereabouts?  Me? No..i won’t.  So it means, i will lie.

7. Did you ever end a relationship because of lies?

— Yeah.  I told him i love him when the truth is i don’t but because of pressure i have to say yes when he courted me. 😀

8. Do you think you can tell when someone is lying to you?

— Yes i think so.  Even onlinel, i can feel the person is lying.

9. Have you been caught lying?

— Yeah. hehehe and they are white lies.

Do you wanna know who lied too?  Then heed to Sam’s Blog.