8 + 1 Postcards Yesterday

8 postcard exchange plus 1 direct swap postcards i picked from the post office yesterday noontime.  I forgot when was the last time i went there to pick my cards.  But obviously couple of the 9 have stayed in the postoffice for several weeks already because one card has reached me after 150 days and… Continue Reading

4 Postcards on the Way

I dropped Philippine postcards at the post office the other day. They are off to the following: Ursula in Germany Anne in Finland Di Zhao in USA Geraldine in France I got a call from the post office last Friday that i got 5 postcards waiting there.  Hopefully I can pick them up tomorrow. I… Continue Reading

3 Cards at One Time

1 postcard is Netherlands, the other 1 is from Israel and the last one from Stromberg. This is the one from Israel: Note at the back: Shalom Arlene! I am sending you this card because it is full of the Israeli nature and even contains the Israel “ship of the desert” – a camel and… Continue Reading

From Riga & Barcelona

Last week Thursday, i got my first two cards from Postcrossing and it came all the way from Latvia (Riga) and Spain (Barcelona). The post office staff called me up yesterday and I have 3 cards in there that needs to be picked-up.  I thought yesterday noontime i could but time did not allow me. … Continue Reading

The Cards Has Arrived their Destination!

Last January 14, i blogged that i dropped 3 cards at the post office and they were traveling to China, Germany, and Australia. Well, on January 29, i received an email that informed me that the card i mailed for Daniele in Australia arrived in 15 days after traveling 5,018 km!  She sent me this… Continue Reading