Post Crossing Update: 7 Cards in 1 Day!

I was giddy with happiness yesterday afternoon when i got hold of the 7 cards.  It’s been 3 weeks since the last time i picked a mail and i was so surprised when the person at the counter (ate esther) handed me seven cards.  They are from the following countries:  China, USA, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, and Austria.

Here are the cards and their respective notes:


Note:  Greetings from Austria!
Sender: Baikalsea



Greetings from China!   You’ve been to China?  Have you been to Shaoxing?  Shaoxing is in Zhejiang.  It’s a historical and cultural city.  There has beautiful scenery.  I am glad you understand chinese.  You must be able to understand the blessing I wrote to you in chinese:… ( i can’t read the characters but of course i can read pinyin)




Hello Arlene!  This postcard shows a part of the Castle of my small hometown Fontainebleau.  It is located about seventy kilometers from Paris.  The first references on the castle date back to the 12th century and all the great kings of France have lived here for eight centuries.

On the pond are living big old carps.  It is a nice place for walks in sunny days because the castle is sorrounding by gardens.  I live 5 minutes by foot from the castle.  Happy Postcrossing!

Sender:  Alexandra

(I really envy her.  Imagine living just 5 minutes away from the castle!!!  I guess that is so cool)




Hello Arlene!  Greetings from Harwich on the east cost of England.  The card shows some of the interesting buildings in the town.  Best regards.

Sender:  Audrey


suomi finlandNote:

Hi Arlene!  Sunny greetings from Helsinki, the beautiful seaside capital of Finland.  I can see views like these in my mother’s place in the central Finland and i’ll go there next month for two weeks.  I love to live in the city, but it’s always nice to visit the countryside.  Have a nice day!

Sender:  Jani




Hi Arlene!  You will be quite surprised to get a postcard from Germany.  I get your address from and thought it might be nice to someone in Tibanga.  Best wishes.





Greetings from Washington States.  I live in the Pacific Northwest near the beach and mountains.  Postcrossing is fun and a way to travel the world.  Best wishes.



Hopefully next week i can mail 6 cards.  🙂

I just heart postcrossing!

5 Cards at One Time!

I should have made this post last week yet because 5 cards arrived together last week.   This is my first time that the cards came in bunch.  They were from (1) Los Angeles, California (2) South China (3) Taiwan (4) Germany (5) Neitherlands

I haven’t scanned them all but the 2 of the 5 cards were already scanned and walled by the sender:

from germany april 27

This is from Torsten of Rostock, Germany.

A beautiful card of KHEB.

The note with it says:  Greetings from Germany!  I live in Rostick, a Mansealic on the Baltic Sea with 200,000 inhabitants.  City foundation was 1218.  To Berlin on the highway is only 2 hours.

los angeles april 27

This is the one from LA, California!

Carrick sent this with the note:  Hello Arlene!  Greetings from California!  I live near Los Angeles in the city of Irvine.  LA is known for its freeways and a lot of traffic.  The city is very spread out so almost everyone has their own car.

If i can take the time to scan the other 3 cards then i would share them with you later.

My postcrossings latest update is that I got 5 cards that is on travelling status. 3 of that is still to be mailed later in the afternoon. 1 card mailed to Germany expired after 98 days. I guess it was lost in the mailing highway.    So after this post, I am going to prepare  3  postcards to be mailed to Finland, USA, and Shanghai China.  Id like also to note that the recipients this time are all male. 🙂

Are you collecting post cards?  Do you like receiving postcards as well as sharing postcards to people around the world?  Then you better check out – you will indeed enjoy the sharing.

Officially Postcrosser Again

I mean again because i checked it out for the whole month of 2009 I haven’t mailed a single card.  I was a member of Postcrossing in 2008.  I sent out a total of 6 cards per received record and I have received a total of 7.  2009 was a hard year so that explains I did not have budget to buy cards and much more to post them.  I did not post any card but somehow received from friends around a total of 10 cards for 2009.

Anyhow, today, i asked for 3 address and tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow) 3 cards will be off to the following countries:


I am also going to drop a card for a fellow Filipina who is also a certified postcrosser herself.  I envy her collections. And one card will also be off to Makati.

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