8 + 1 Postcards Yesterday

8 postcard exchange plus 1 direct swap postcards i picked from the post office yesterday noontime.  I forgot when was the last time i went there to pick my cards.  But obviously couple of the 9 have stayed in the postoffice for several weeks already because one card has reached me after 150 days and that is from Russia.

The 8 cards were from the following countries:

Netherlands – 13 days

Russia – 150 days

Finland – 25 days

Germany – 18 days

USA – 34 days

China – 32 days

Ukraine – 73 days

Belarus – 34 days

The counting of travel days begin from the day you requested for an address at postcrossing website until the day the receiver will register the card received.   Usually it only takes a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks if from long distance countries but due to traffic then that would caused the card to reach the destination much longer.

It’s my first time to get a card from Belarus and also from Russia.  And my third from China.


From Ukraine

polatsk belarus

From Belarus

From LA with Love! :)

Stamps! (banana dance)


Postcards! (banana dance d more)


All of these are from the one of the beautiful and kindest blogger i met in the blogosphere – Mommy Ebie! She is not my mom but i just like calling her mommy because she is one. Her one and only darling daughter Zeee is way way younger than me but i feel we are like sisters.

I know mommy E took the efforts of preparing these stamps to be shared to her online friends.  Then before they took a trip to Death Valley, i mentioned to her if she can pick some postcards for me, then i would really appreciate it.  The two cards here are from Death Valley and that Lone Pine was a place they visited some months back.

I will be scanning these cards for individual posting here in this blog, but will do so when the scanner is not so busy anymore and i also have the time to scan.   But it will be soon.!

Again, thank you Mommy Ebie!  You are the best!

From Riga & Barcelona

Last week Thursday, i got my first two cards from Postcrossing and it came all the way from Latvia (Riga) and Spain (Barcelona).

The post office staff called me up yesterday and I have 3 cards in there that needs to be picked-up.  I thought yesterday noontime i could but time did not allow me.  Same thing happened today.  HOpefully tomorrow I can and will share it here in my blog next week. 🙂

For now, enjoy these two:

Acid-base Balance 004

Note from Jordi:

Hola Arlene, The Monument to Colon is one of the most famous statues of Barcelona constructed in honoring the discoverer Christopher Colon.  It is raised in the square of Porta de la Pau (Portal of Peace).  The monument was constructed as culminating point of the works of improvement of the littoral of Barcelona, done on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1888.  It turned immediately into one of the icons most typical of the city.  I hope you like this card.  All the best for the next upcoming year 2010 to you and your beloved ones!  Best regards from Barcelona.


Acid-base Balance

Note from Sievia:

Greetings from Latvia! It’s a small country at the Baltic Sea, and on this card you see the skyline of our capital Riga. It’s an old city, founded in 1201, and it has a beautiful old town with lots to see, so come and visit! Right now, everything is under quite a deep cover of snow, and I’m looking forward to springtime. 🙂 Love, Sievia