Jocel’s Garden Suite



A first timer smile —

It was my first time to see the place.  Though I have heard about it a few times, but it was my first time to set foot of this cozy place where you can make it your home while you are visiting Valencia, Bukidnon.

This was the venue of the wedding reception so we dropped by there to leave the stuff to be used on Sunday.  I wish we have much moolah so we camp in there for 2 nights and 2 days but we decided to go up Mountain View College so that we can see friends aside from the fact that we will be having free accommodation. 🙂  Thanks to our gracious hosts.

Anyway, let me show you a glimpse of the area that my camera was able to capture:


The lush garden —


Inside one of the guestrooms —


The room got a cozy ambience —


Hot and cold shower! Hot water for those who can’t stand the
normal cool/cold of Bukidnon waters.–


Their dresser’s mirror was so clean and clear that I can’t help to this vanity shot ^^ —

These shots were made last October 27, 2012.  And this post is one of my backlogs. Sigh.  Anyway, we were on a hurry because if we were not then I would love to have a glimpse of all their rooms so that I can share it here.

Their standard room rate is as Php 850.00 (single occupancy) and the most is Php 1,350.00 (good for two).

They have complimentary breakfast and the area have unlimited wi-fi internet access.  Bloggers do love this idea! lol!

Jocel’s Garden Suites is located at Purok 2, Valencia City.  If you are looking for a place with serene beauty of nature, and a sure place where you can relax away from the sound of city life — then Jocel’s Garden Suites is the best choice.

I myself have to go back there one day. Maybe not to stay but to have an experience of coffee and sweets from Celien’s.

For more information, you can call them @ (63)  917-7192243 or (63) (88) 828-3676 or check them out in their website for a virtual tour of the place.  They are on Facebook, too!

Tinago Falls

It was in August last year that I visited Tinago falls last. It was a memorable trip going there because I was with my new found friends – the Iligan Bloggers Society.


When I long for an adventure within my hometown, Tinago flash in my mind right away. But one thing I can never do no matter how bored my life is, I can’t go down there alone. 🙂 It’s scary for me. I dunno if any woman out there would dare to go there alone, but me, no am not. Good thing, I have some photos that reminds, I was there sometime. 🙂

Dining at Pinokyo, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All photos are not watermarked but are mine.  If you want to use it in your blog, please ask permission.  Thanks.

There are so many places to dine at at Paseo del Mar.  But during weekends the place is typically full.  We almost had a hard time finding a place to eat and just to relax while enjoying the food, the music, and the night.

We picked Pinokyo because it was not yet so crowded when we arrived.

They serve varied foods at very reasonable prices.


Dimple ordered for herself beef toppings and the california maki.  I had pancit canton and this:


This cost P1.00 each.  I was so impressed so i ordered 20 pcs. I think I ate more than what Dimple had.

My friends had:

~~ sisig~~

~~ Lechon Kawali ~~

~~ clam soup ~~

And oh i had a whole serving of the java rice:


Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

If you have been to Zamboanga City for a day or two and have not been to Paseo del Mar, then you miss one of the beautiful landmarks of the city. We spent 4 nights there and I was able to see and feel the place during our third night because we went there to have dinner and also have a look for the nearby areas. I was so excited to see the place. I thank Ace & Kerslyn (Davao couple), Bing & Pat (Iligan couple) for agreeing to go there once again even if you have already seen the place the night before.

Here are some of our photos: (all my photos are night shots) i wonder how the place looks like in broad daylight.




a pose of remembrance at the entrance 🙂


They said the place is full during weekends.  People are there to eat, to enjoy the sea breeze, enjoy the bands (they have it on weekends), and others are just there to walk around.


these guys enjoying the distant lights and sea breeze.  it showered around this time.

I enjoyed taking photos of the lamp post before finding a place to eat.  And this one my fave shot of all:


The place we ate at and the food photos will be shared in another post. 🙂

This trip was related to the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 4 which was held earlier that day at the Garden Orchid Hotel.  City tour was scheduled the next day yet. (that would be another post in this blog).

Nostalgia (My 16th)


The photo I am sharing is a photo of a lighthouse which is located in the Island of Cabilao, Bohol.  Just a stone throw away from La Estrella Beach Resort (old location).


This lighthouse brings back nice memories of a past love.  The first time i laid foot on this lighthouse was during the last few days of January in 1997.  I will say few days because i cannot remember the exact date anymore but i know it was around that time.  I was  3-4 weeks pregnant with my dd (dear daughter) 😀

With me to visit this spot was of course of course my boyfriend (Dimple’s dad.)  I am the type who is very scared of heights so i did not make it up to the top.  I guess i lasted midway and he took a photo of me.  I still have that photo now and it obviously shows that i was not relaxed up there, but i managed to smile.

He and I were there on a very important purpose but after 3 days we both felt  a little disappointed because  our mission on why we were was not happening.  Anyway, we sort of just think that the days we spent there was our advance Valentine’s day celebration as our initial plan was to spend Valentine’s day in Bohol, February 14 of that year.  But due to an emergency situation, so we had an early visit to the resort.  It was my first time. Not his because his mom owns the place. 🙂

In April 2008, Dimple and I had the chance to visit the resort again and yes, we had the chance to stroll to the lighthouse from the new location of the resort.  Taking that photo, memories came flashing back and i smiled to myself because i saw myself in his place long time ago taking picture of me up there.  Now, look at another photo and tell me who is up there —


A back view of someone with long hair.

Guess who?

That’s my daughter!

Oh my she was so brave to make her way to the top.  She even managed to stay awhile to enjoy the view.  I really envy her that time.  But i was already in a state where i can’t climb up heights anymore. lol!   I have i already increased my size twice from the first time i visited the spot.   So, i just end up her photographer of which i did not mind because i was feeling i was her dad. 🙂


She looked tensed yet she moved upward more.  She’s standing almost at the spot where i sat one day that end of January 2007 – and she was still 3- 4 weeks old fetus inside.  Now, in this photo, that little fetus is standing on the same spot.

How time flies!

Oh memories…you make my heart lighter. 🙂

Ola Zamboanga! We’re Here Now!


After twelve hours bus ride, we arrived here in Zamboanga City, hungry and worn.  But more hungry that after checking in our things at Hotel Preciosa we decided to go out right away to eat.  Our things checked in first because they cancelled our reservation made online.  Good thing there was a standard room available with a bed that can accommodate two persons.

We dunno were to dine but tried to go back the road our trike pass through in going to the Hotel.  We saw common fastfoods like Jollibee, Chowking and Mc Donalds yet we decided to eat something local.  The trike driver told us about Puericulture place but we were not so sure about the place and the kind of food, so we dined here:

Looks cozy and festive!

This soup warmed our cold stomachs.  Dimple and i felt so hungry because we have not eaten rice since breakfast.
We just had bread, biscuits, and some other sweets.  🙂

Our companions, Bingky and Pat of City Government of Iligan went back ahead because Bing was not feeling perfectly alright.  Theythought of resting ahead to be ready of the 5 am trip tomorrow- a Mine tour at Canatuan, Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte. Oh! We are here by the way for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit (4th) which will officially begin tomorrow.

This is all for now — lemme’ say goodnight!   Dimple will get online now.  I really don’t care because all i have is a very bad headache and i wanna sleep.

Nostalgia (my 15th)



My first MBS experience was in 2008. I traveled to General Santos with Dimple because it was a sponsored trip. My sponsor was Paraiso Philippines and he also sponsored the the gasoline expense of one of the speakers from Iligan City so, there was a private car, so i tag Dimple along. 🙂 We both had a great time.  It was our first time seeing a bit of General Santos City.  We traveled from Iligan City to General Santos via Bukidnon, North Cotabato, and Davao Del Sur to General Santos.  There was a nearer route upon reaching a part of North Cotabato but since it was already past 6 pm we decided to go the long route by going to Digos.   After this event, i promised myself to attend the yearly summit.


The third summit was held at Cagayan de Oro City hosted by the cdobloggers. I went alone because there was the registration.  I did not mind not being sponsored because Cagayan de Oro is just a neighbor city.   There were several politician guests that graced the event.  The sunday activity were divided into two – a group went white water rafting and the other group went city tour.  I went with the city tour group as i’ve never been to places that we went to.  Been always to Cagayan de Oro all these years but never set foot inside Xavier University, never been inside the Cathedral, and never been to the huge image of Jesus at Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador.

Now, the third experience is still to come.  In two hours i will be off to Zamboanga City with my daughter and another two companions to attend the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit.


I have so many pictures of the past 2 summits i attended but i don’t like to fill this post with them.  Probably will share them in the future after i made summit 4 pictures.  🙂

I look forward to this summit because it’s a fun experience.  It’s meeting old friends and making new friends at the same time you feel closer to one another because we share one thing in common — we blog for Mindanao.

Happy reminiscing everyone!