Adventure Park @ Alindahaw Lakeview Resort

If you love taking pictures and you are checked in at Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, then you cannot stop clicking.  Our small group team went on  an overnight accommodation at the resort.  Many thought that it was not an ideal destination, thus, only few went with the group.

After traveling almost 5 hours in two types of weather – sunny and rainy, we reached the resort tired but excited.  The view and the surroundings were indeed a therapy.  It was what we needed for a weekend get-away destination.

After settling in for an hour, I decided to go down and walk around with my camera.   While others enjoyed the water swimming & kayaking, I spent time taking photos and relaxing in bed.  I have lots of photos taken but I wanna share some for you to enjoy. Somehow you will feel that you were with me there enjoying the view.


We were accommodated at the dormitory. A cozy building built at their Adventure Park area.  They have many amenities for an adventure activity, but sad to note that they are not functioning as of now as they need still need a preventive job to ensure that they are safe to be used by their customers.  So for now, for your eyes only pa ang dating.




I think the area is also ideal for an I-SHINE Bootcamp training site.


If you go down on the zip line, you’ll end up at this area.






The monkey stairs





All these monkeys are showing off. ha ha ha

That Autumn Feel


I saw several of these plants and their colors reminded me of a maple tree. Maple trees gave me Autumn feel. Si Gong Yoo dayon ang naa sa akong huna huna. lols


This is not a maple leaf but the mix of colors reminded me of what Eun Tak said:

“If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fell in love
with the person you are walking with.”


This is not a maple leaf.
And I was not walking with someone
So, there no such thing as I will fell in love
during that moment.



IN PHOTOS : Lakewood Lake as Seen @ Alindahaw Resort

This weekend was spent reconnecting with nature.  The Kanchenjunga Group went out on a weekend trip to Zamboanga del Sur.

A convoy of 4 vehicles happily left Iligan City, excited to spend the Sabbath morning at Pagadian Center then later to proceed to Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur.

This is not my first time but still the picturesque view amazes me.




The last time I came here was in 2014 during the AMCI Strategic Planning.  The place where we stayed was not yet up during that time.  This time, tourists can have the choice of being accommodated in a dormitory type accommodation.


They have 3 houses for the dormitory type accommodation and it can accommodate up to 24 persons.  Though one has to walk up a bit (200 meters up) from the main area, but still it was okey.

If the visitor will have a hard time to make that walk, they can bring their vehicle up to the Adventure area gate and disembark from there.  Then the walk up 30 steps to the door of the dorm.


Each dorm has its corresponding kitchen.  So the group can cook rice in an electric cooker and they can also conveniently grilled their meats.  The water supply was not a problem.

There are two rates in the dormitory accommodation.  Php 450 for a no free breakfast and no towel accommodation and Php 650 per head an accommodation with free breakfast and a towel.



It was raining hard while traveling from Pagadian to the resort.  Fortunately, it stopped when we arrived in the site.  But after a couple of hours, it rained again!




The view of the lake is so breathtaking.  Viewing it from different viewing angles inside the resort, the balcony view was not inferior.

In spite of the rainy afternoon, we caught a glimpse of the sunset mode. It was not a dramatic mixture of color, but it was enough to sigh a thankful praise to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to reconnect with nature, a pause of our hectic city life.


Sunset means a day has ended and another day is nigh.

At the end of this day, I have so much to thank the Lord:

The protection and care during our travel,
The time spent at Pagadian Central Church,
The yummy FREE lunch,
The beautiful Lakewood place.

<3 <3 <3


Overnight @ Ozamis City

During my birthday last month, I went on a birthday trip to Siquijor.  Thanks to Alex, for helping me make the trip possible.

Iligan City is still 5 hrs away from Dapitan, so we are leaving the night before our journey to Dapitan.  Dapitan is our jump off point to Dumaguete en route to Siquijor. Hoping to arrive Siquijor that same day we traveled from Dapitan.

We left Iligan, Friday afternoon, after my work.  We took the bus going to Mukas since it will take a longer time to wait for the bus that goes direct to Ozamis.  I had a booking at the Western Mindanao Conference guesthouse so I was confident that we will have a good sleep before we start the long journey the next day.

This is our accommodation for the night:

 photo IMG_1395.jpg

we stayed in a room where eight couples can be accommodated. So you can just imagine how comfortable we are. I had one bed for me and the other one for alex. I almost had a hard time dragging myself out of bed that morning because the mattress is just so firm enough and the pillows are fluffy. I can really spell C O M F O R T A B L E correctly! Thank you my friend, Mr. WMC President for that overnight accommodation.

After we left the campus, we decided to have breakfast before proceeding to the terminal.

Spell breakfast…

 photo IMG_1396.jpg

J O L L I B E E!

Off to Manila [Day 1]

I am taking a five days leave from work and September 23 was the first day.  Our flight was morning and we are expected to arrive in Manila before 12.  But due to an unfavorable weather, we were a bit delayed in our flight, but no complaints whatsoever.

 photo DSC_1149.jpg

The night before, I slept so late, I think it was past midnight already and me and daughter were set to leave at exactly six in the morning to have an ample time to taking the bus to catch our 10 o’clock flight.  So, the lack of sleep + more delays at the airport + rainy Manila = almost two hours delay to our expected check-in at Leesons Residences in Malate.

I was undecided which taxi to take, yellow taxi or the taxi at the departure level.  But after checking it through, we left via the departure level and that saved really saved me several hundred pesos fare from airport to Malate.  Yellow taxi will cost me Php 530.00 while the taxi at the departure level only cost me Php 150.00 though I was the one who paid the Php 20.00 at the skyway toll gate. It was not bad decision after all.

The delays tired me much and the same with the daughter plus the rain, so we spent the afternoon, sleeping. lol!

If we don’t need to have dinner, then we would have slept the night away.

Here are a few photos for the first day:

 photo DSC_1171.jpg

An interesting sight from up the sky. I’ve seen this place several times already but still I did not have the right name of the place. No one ever took the guess when I posted the pic in my FB wall.

 photo DSC_1183.jpg

The plain the brought us to Manila. 🙂 Cebu Pacific is my unofficial flight carrier when I fly during my travels.

 photo DSC_1188.jpg

A just-got-off-the-plane selfie! While on our way to the baggage carousel. 🙂
I don’t look worried. Right? Though i was a bit worried because it was raining in Manila and I was thinking that the bad weather will mess up my travel plan.

 photo DSC_1192.jpg

The daughter! excited or tired?
I cannot tell but it seems she’s not affected of the delays because her phone contain lots of books to read. Poor mommy me isa libro lang ang dala for the whole week. lol!

May: the Travel Month is Over!

May 2012 is over and June is here.  Goodbye May and I want you to know that I had the great time of my life during your time.  Imagine, I made 4 trips just within the whole month.  Trips to places that i’ve never been to yet and to places where i’ve set foot many many years ago yet.

Thanks to time there is what we call summer and there is also what we call vacation that made me able to do these trips.  I’d like to think that April was a super busy month for me plus the death of my father, so I deserve to have a break during the second summer month.

The first trip was to Davao (first week of May) for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012.  Been to places that if not for DFAT I will never have the chance to see and enjoy the food and places for a good four days.



The second trip was to Siquijor with some friends from work.  We ferried to that mystic island via Dumaguete and it is also my first time to set foot in Dumaguete. It was a planned trip that we agreed on since middle of last year. So I can say I am a bit prepared for it – emotionally and financially.



But even how much prepared I think I was — I was not ready for the heat! Temperature so high in Siquijor that the moment you are out of your hotel room, sweat just pour out continuously for three days.

The two other trips for the month of May was not planned for long.  The Tour Mindanao of the workers was only planned in April and the unexpected trip to Kidapawan was only decided that week and the huling hirit for the summer get way was to Hong Kong which was decided only in April.

Good thing Tour Mindanao trip is free same with the Kidapawan, but the one in HK was not free.  It’s my daughter’s trip, but as her mom I have to tag along.  Thanks to Adbeans, I  was able to buy my ticket.

It’s now June and after the HK trip last weekend, and the Gingoog one day trip last Thursday, i’ve got to rest for now and just work and work.

I’ve got some planned trips coming up but still in few months.  There’s still time to work to pay for a P1600.00 travel tax.

More travel-related posts is posted at my travel blog and photos are posted in my Facebook account.

Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

If you have been to Zamboanga City for a day or two and have not been to Paseo del Mar, then you miss one of the beautiful landmarks of the city. We spent 4 nights there and I was able to see and feel the place during our third night because we went there to have dinner and also have a look for the nearby areas. I was so excited to see the place. I thank Ace & Kerslyn (Davao couple), Bing & Pat (Iligan couple) for agreeing to go there once again even if you have already seen the place the night before.

Here are some of our photos: (all my photos are night shots) i wonder how the place looks like in broad daylight.




a pose of remembrance at the entrance 🙂


They said the place is full during weekends.  People are there to eat, to enjoy the sea breeze, enjoy the bands (they have it on weekends), and others are just there to walk around.


these guys enjoying the distant lights and sea breeze.  it showered around this time.

I enjoyed taking photos of the lamp post before finding a place to eat.  And this one my fave shot of all:


The place we ate at and the food photos will be shared in another post. 🙂

This trip was related to the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 4 which was held earlier that day at the Garden Orchid Hotel.  City tour was scheduled the next day yet. (that would be another post in this blog).

My TVIRD Experience

Never did i imagined going up to see a mine site as far as Canatuan mine site  in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte.  We were informed that the trip will take 3 hours but after 12 hours bus travel from Iligan City to the Latin City of Asia , the trip feels like going back to my hometown.  It was not exactly 3 hours.  It was more because upon leaving the highway, the road leads up and down into the mountains.  Our vehicle was not the highland sporty type so the speed was just moderate.

99% of us on the trip were first timers and that 99% represents the attendees of the Mindanao Bloggers 4th Summit that is hosted by Zamboanga bloggers.

Personally, if not for the summit, i would not have the chance to see Canatuan Mining and will see with my own eyes the betterment of the community specifically the Subanons.  TVI Resources Development  brought hope to the people of Canatuan and Siocon in general.  TVI promotes responsible mining by promoting environmental protection programs and sustainable development programs.  Being guided by human rights paradigm the company implemented community development projects that promotes sustainable life even beyond the life-of-mine and into the future.  Meaning if ever the company leaves, the community will still survive.

There were several things that awed us bloggers when we stepped foot in their area.  First, the majestic view of forests, mountains, and hills and endless cloudy blue skies.  Second, impressive buildings which we later known are staff houses.  They also have the entertainment building.  Then thirdly, the food!  It was started with a heavy snacks before the orientation began and later the sumptuous lunch, and again another heavy snacks after the exit conference.  My daughter and I were so blessed of the free food saving us the food budget for that day because even the breakfast and dinner were also shouldered by TVI.  They were so generous.  Thank you, Sir Ernie Rojo for touring us to the mine site.

I know i missed a blogger seminar that day down in the city but the things i’ve learned up there was just enough to cover up any regret.  The video was shown at the summit proper – but seeing the proof of responsible mining was one thing i would never regret missing the blogging seminar that day.  I know it’s now only me who was blessed.  All of us who were there were so impressed.  There was one thing though i wished — sana lahat kami nakasama.  Sana wala ng seminar dun sa city para lahat nakasama.   Not only were our stomachs filled but our knowledge were also enhanced.  Just so bad it rained hard that it hampered the plant site tour because it would be dangerous for us to go up the building.  Good thing we were able to come down from the open field site safely while the rain was pouring in torrents.  If it did not rain, we could have the chance to touch those reddish black stones that contains gold.  Maybe we can also get a handful of those silver looking stones. 🙂 And for sure we could have gone to the most top of the open field to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Canatuan mining.  Oh another place we missed seeing which i would have love go to and see was the lake or the dam area.

I really don’t have too many nice pics at the open mine field because i was confined to a very small area of the viewing deck.  The rain was so strong that we can’t move around to take pictures of the whole area.

Oh well – picture talk loudly than words so i want you to enjoy the pics now.  Enough of the blah. lol

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon collage 1

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon collage 2

oct 29 2010 tvi collage 3



I was sky watching, ya know? 😉





Another place we visited was the Subanon community.   Before our group went to see their nursery, a pillar of their FAITH and SALT program we witnessed how they welcome us –

tvi siocon collage 4

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon colage 5

We did not stay long at the open mine pit because it rained.  It rained so hard that if we waited for the rain to stop, our vehicle might have a hard time going down.  So we proceeded to the exit conference where some administrators and department heads where there to answer our questions.  This is their way of practicing “transparency” in this company.

I have really seen responsible mining there that made me wish that somehow at least all small-scale mining fields in this country are handled by investors such as TVI.

I have so many photos that i wanna share but maybe in the future posts or in related post i will be making in my other blogs.  After the exit conference that was made earlier than scheduled because of the rain,  we had this souvenir photo:

I have so many photos that i wanna share but maybe in the future posts or in related post i will be making in my other blogs.  After the exit conference ,  we had this souvenir photo:

oct 29 2010 tvi siocon 6