Malingon Falls Revisited

Malingon is one of the two falls that Mountain View College prided at. I say pride because they are part of the wonderful natural blessings of the Lord in that hilltop educational institution. I remember so well that I have visited both falls during my first year in college. I think it’s a hiking treat to all new students during one of the June Sabbath afternoon in a school year.

I’ve been to this falls nth times during my almost five years residence in the campus. During those visits, only a few times we took a swim. I cannot swim but we enjoyed the feel of the water at our faces and enjoyed crawling from one big stone to another stone. We frolic like kids.

Anyway, I left the campus in February 1995. I made several visits to the campus after that time but it was only in April 2013 that I had the chance to visit the place again.

Here’s me during my first visit in April. Can you see the happy smile on my face? The water may not look mighty anymore but it is still the famous Malingon Falls that all the students of Mountain View College loved.
 photo 45599_480578888664453_248555079_n.jpg

I thought that was my only visit. But the next day, I had the chance to go back again with friends. These guys too haven’t visited this place since they left the campus after their graduation.

That’s me in another falls angle.  Thanks to the photographer, Kuya Jerel Sonsona for taking this and for sharing this on FB.
 photo 525330_10151587432004391_1168139278_n.jpg

With friends — all of us are happy campers!  From the School of Business party, we proceed to roam around.  This was our first stop – Malingon Falls then from here we went to Jubilee Park.
 photo 524468_10151587434039391_1029717098_n.jpg

Dislclaimer: last two photos are not mine. 🙂 Thanks to Kuya Jerel S.

One Early Wednesday Morning @ MVC

The last time I visited MVC was in October last year when we spent a night there together with some friends.   I also remember that it was that time I reserved a room in Ma’am Apples house for the upcoming 60th Homecoming.

Then the 60th Homecoming has arrived and it was held during the first week of April.  April first to the sixth to be exact.  But due to work, I decided to go up on the third which was Wednesday.  That was also the day when the Noviecountants had their reunion so I travelled with them on that Tuesday night.

We left Iligan at eleven in the evening and we arrived at almost exactly 5:30 in the morning.  It was still early but I was too alert to grab some sleep so I decided to join the morning worship since the morning worship was to start at 5:30. Since I saw that some people were still making their way to the venue, I decided to follow, too.

Then this is my morning shot when I passed by the tennis court. Still too early I guess for tennis enthusiasts to be there –

 photo IMG_0024.jpg

Then as I continue walking down the DXCR road, the sun was also slowly creeping up and made it’s power more obvious to my surroundings, so these are the following shots I made:

 photo IMG_0030.jpg

That’s the Audie out there!

The the DXCR sun bathing –

 photo IMG_0032.jpg

The speaker of the hour that morning was Pastor Ravelo and we agreed on the phone that we will meet that morning after his appointment,  but due to change of circumstances, I failed to see him. The morning worship finished at thirty past eight, so I hurried back to Ma’am Apple’s place to have breakfast and get ready myself for a trip to Malingon Falls.

I love MVC’s early mornings because I never enjoyed them when I was still a student.  Sleep was more important that time. 🙂  But now as I get more mature, I realized that feeling the beauty of the campus in the early morning hours is very inspiring than sleep. 🙂

A Quick Visit at the Hilltop

I would say quick because we arrived at the campus 12 midnight of Friday so that only left me Saturday to go around and take some pictures.  Good thing we decided to go down after an early lunch so I had a short time to walk around some places that I haven’t had a glimpse since I left the portals of MVC many years ago.

The walk I did that Sunday morning filled me with nostalgia.  I was taking my time as I walked from Brgy Uno to the Guesthouse area, to the ramps going to the Cafeteria, then off my way to the fastfoods to buy the ever-missed famous stick bread.  From there, I decided to go back to Brgy Uno via Jamandre Village.

The walk made me see many improvements – like new buildings/houses and landscapes.  The site of old houses and buildings did not escape my sight, too.  There were still a handful of them and somehow, they will be renovated or at least they gonna build more new buildings and have those faculty relocated.

Anyway, I enjoyed my walk that morning.  Good thing the battery did not ran out of me.  Here are a few of my photos taken that Saturday morning on my way to the FKA.


Mt. Kitanglad was dressed in fluffy white clouds




A view of the JP from inside the FKA that Saturday noon.

Nostalgia (my 25th)



My College graduation day was the last day of October 1994. I tried to look my best that day and this is just my best. I did not buy any new dress because it won’t still be appreciated because we will be wearing a toga.

Closing exercises begins Friday evening for the Consecration evening then the Baccalaureate Saturday morning and followed by Tribute to Parents Saturday afternoon. Graduates and parents and friends witness this special program of ours. The big day then is SUNDAY.

The photo above is a remembrance of “i already look my best” shot.” After this shot, i took my toga and went to the Alumni Church.

I have a separate album for my College graduation but i can only share a few here. I took a photo (macro settings) of my photos so please the picture is not really at its best.

Here are some more photos:

Me with Ma’am Melgar.  My ever kind shorthand teacher.
She is our shorthand teacher from basics to intermediate.

That is her grand daughter with her, Lorena.

With some business office ladies.

On my left is Melody Jumantoc and Ate Indai Caballero
They are my inspiration these times as my bf and I broke up during my last semester in College
On my right is Arlene Toledanes.  We have same names.
We worked together in the DSF office (me for my work education grade and hers as an SA)

With Vanni (Giovanni)

Thinking back, we were close during my last semester because we were classmates in one of the Bible or Health subjects.  He and Dexter Nermal were my buddies.  One thing i can remember about this time, i don’t eat so much because i was heartbroken so, Vanni used to borrow my meal ticket.  I really did not mind.

All the above photos were taken before the program started and after the program started.  I have many photos that day.  I was officially single but i thought that my heart still belongs to someone.  Feeling high though in spite we were not on because we have talked Thursday night before my parent’s arrival.

I have photos taken with my roommates, with my teachers, with my first love (he was there as his brother also graduated), the above guy, my buddy that time but turned out the father of my first child and also JM – the guy whom i thought my heart still belongs too.  Taking photo with JM was so funny.

Graduation memories — all nice except one.

Quick visit to the hilltop

I was suppose to leave very early yesterday morning but instead of waking up at 3:30 i woke up at 5:15.  So i was sure that i can’t catch up the church service anymore.  I was just in there to some friends and of course to pick something from a friend.  I arrived on time when the speaker started and oh my he spoke for almost 2 hours that the 12:30 date with friends at the under the pines was doubtful.  So i went out to see Ate Sardale to inquire of the activity.

Some pics i took while traveling up to MVC on a motorbike.  🙂

oct 23 mvc trip collage 1

Anyway, i went to see Paul at the under the pines at past 1 and we talk a bit.  There were also some friends there and before the rain started we decided to move to the Jubilee Park.  I was glad because in spite of the short time i will have the chance to take photos there.

oct 23 mvc trip 2 500


I think it was good to be at the Jubilee Park when it was not so crowded with visitors.  But one thing i observed, it’s not so Jubilee Park anymore as it was in my time or even before my time – i long for the great view of the plains beyond and the endless sky.  For now, that’s the case anymore.  It’s more like this:

oct 23 mvc trip 4 500

I left MVC with Ma’am Apple and company at a bit past 5 and was on my way to CDO at 6:00.  Before the clock strikes 12, i was already inside the office dorm.  I jump with glee because i can imagine i would turn into a zombie if ever the clock strikes 12 and i was still outside walking towards the dorm. lol!

Though the time was limited, i had a great time meeting for a short while some friends.  Hopefully in the soon future, i can go back there and have a weekend stay at Jabby’s room. 🙂

friends collage 520

Brrrryyy Cold!

One thing i love about MVC is the weather.  Spring weather all year round except on evenings and early mornings when the temperature really drops so low that you just would like to snuggle in bed and miss breakfast and morning classes.  I guess am a warm-blooded person that i love cold weather.  I think i won’t even mind staying up in the North Pole with Santa Clause.

I had the chance to visit MVC last weekend and Saturday morning was so cold.  We have to be up at 6 to join the sunrise worship at one of the Barangays.  It was really really cold that i felt my face puffy.  I was so comfy in bed because of my woolen blanket.  Good thing i remembered to bring it with me.

In China, during winter, when the temperature drops to negative high double digit numbers i use my electric blanket when sleeping. It warms me to sleep and when i woke around early morning i have to turn it off because the warmers can warm me enough.  I still have that electric blanket in my luggage I left in my friend’s house in Zhangjiakou, China.  I dunno when i could use that again but i have in mind to visit China during the winter time.

Back from a Weekend Trip

Just a short note to say am back from the trip to Mountain View College.  The trip was for my daughter as she was there for the whole week yet it also refreshes me of my college days memories.  It’s a weekend trip.  We left Iligan Friday morning and arrived just awhile ago.  So i missed the time checking out these catalogs for the Christmas holidays. I thought that mommy duty must come first before anything else.

There were only 22 schools that attended so the campsite was not filled with people.  There was not even a trace of campers or visitors in some common spots.    Mountain View College is situated in up the hills of Nebo in Valencia City, Bukidnon.  It’s around 30-40 minutes travel up the rough roads towards the top hills.


My last visit there was two years ago so am happy to be able to visit this weekend.  Luckily, i met one of my dormitory roommates.  She married her college sweetheart so we really had fun recalling our many college happenings.  We also met one of our highschool schoolmate and oh my we laugh just like there was no tomorrow.  Schooling years were so much fun in spite of the challenge of studying hard.

This is my first time to visit MVC as a parent and doing duty as a parent. It was a nice feeling yet it’s reminding me and my friends that we are not getting younger anymore.

photo credit: sunshineforlife