Motion Caught

It’s been awhile since I enjoyed clicking the shutter of a camera.  Asked me why, because my camera (CANON IXUS 120is) died a premature death last December.  I haven’t had it checked but I can guess there’s a big damage so I never mind about it.  Someone asked me if he can check it, so tomorrow if I will not forget to carry the camera then Sir Q will check it up.

This post will not be about the broken camera.  But this is about some of the photos I took during an overnight retreat at Midway Beach Resort at INitao, Misamis Oriental. It’s there that particular Sunday I experienced my first banana boat ride.  The photos are not of the banana boat ride but of motion caught.




They are not perfect shots I know but with Esther’s point and shoot camera (Canon) I so like the result.   I am still saving up for a studier camera and I hope I can buy one first week  of April.

Thanks to my friend Esther for allowing me to use her camera as much as I can that day. ^^

Thanks also to the presidents of the IT and BSBA club of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College  for inviting me as one of the chaperons in that activity.

photo credits: sunshinelene

OWM – Lots of Food Again!

Our Weekend Memoirs

The other weekend was the culmination of our week of spiritual emphasis. As always, we celebrate the ending and entertain the guest speaker during potluck. The gathering was attended by the members of the administrative council from both the hospital and college. The Advetist Health Professionals also attended the Sabbath services here because they had a meeting at 2 pm.

I will be sharing to you some of the foods we served that morning. Again, i missed the Sabbath service.

— Fresh Lumpia —

~~ baked spaghetti ~~

~~ paksiw na bangus ~~

Actually these are just some of the main dish. Let me share also some of the sweets we served that day.

~~ cassava cake ~~

~~ palitaw with sweetened buko meat filling ~~

~~ looks like a peanut cake ~~ 😀

~~ this is so sweet! looks like brownies but beware of it’s sweetness. tastes like macaroons coz it’s like brownies with desic. coconut filling which is soooo sweet. ~~

With this is also the ice cream. i ate so much ice cream for straight two days that is why when Monday came i had sore throat. Tonsils lil bit inflamed.

Successful Medical Mission

Yesteday, a group of medical team from Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital and College went on a medical mission in Tubod, Lanao del Norte.  It was my first time and as a first timer i can say that it was fun.  Although i was assigned in a busy spot, yet it was a great experience.

The group is composed of medical doctors, dentists, nurses, nurse aids, student nurses, and support staff.  One of my purpose in going with the group was to go swimming after the work but i came home without dipping even my foot on the tempting cool waters (spring pool). But i am positive I am going back there with the REgistrar’s office staff.

Now, here are some photos.  They were taken at lunch break and later in the afternoon when the work was done:

1.  The streamers posted in the area:



2. That’s Rona, the Social Worker – taking photos for documentation.


3. The people also relaxing while the medical team took an hour break for lunch



4. Some doctors in action (Medicine) I wish i have some photos of the dental area and also at the circumcision area but i just can’t stand up from my spot when the work started because we had the longest line of people



5. After serving a patient with the priority number, i took a pause to take these photos:



I also run to the comfort room to ease myself and saw these beauties on my way back to the table to continue my work:



6. I took a me photo too! They said if you are the one taking photos  you have less photos or no photo at all in an event. But i know i have a few — in other people’s cameras. hehehe. So here’s me –


Looks tired? Not really. I was all ready to go to the next destination!

By the way, Tubod Lanao del Norte, is a more than an hour trip from Iligan City going south.

We were able to serve more than a thousand patients in all areas  (dental, circumcision, consultation for adults and pedia) and i can say it was a successful medical mission.   I can also say that the support of the Municipal and also the Provincial Health Offices did a great help to the accomplishment and success of the activity yesterday.

We were treated to a very beautiful retreat place after the work was done — will post photos tomorrow. 🙂

photo credits: sunshineforlife