His music is what makes her love for him going

Let me share to you what my friend shared with me this afternoon during our chat in the facebook.  I find it interesting so I told her that I am going to post it in my blog.  And this is her story –

Just earlier, I stumbled up on a master series chambered telecaster machine in the storage room. It belonged to the husband who was overly enthusiastic about his music inclination. He was into rock classics. The music genre of his youth. The kids were always amused as when he would start belting out few lines from the old classics. Even his old music player were flooded with such oldies.

And, so is his car. At every travels we made, particularly those that would entail him to do long hours of driving, his music is blaring through the car. It makes him wide alert. It makes him more focused on the road. And, yes, I am always thankful, we always make it to our destination unscathed. Thanks to his music it makes me love him more.  The stuff I found made me nostalgic.  Did a tear fall?


This is what she shared.  She is now 50 but she thinks she still feels so young when she talks that she is in love with the same guy for 20 years already.  Oh sigh. I envy them.


NosTalgia (my 22nd)


I saw these couple birds at the Paradise Island Resort in Davao City. Me and my bff stayed overnight in that wonderful place. We were walking towards our cottage and these two were so busy flirting with each other that they did not realized that we were around. They did not flew far away when we got near there.

Taken August 2006
Paradise Island
Davao City

40% Addicted to Love?

Is that so?  OH well i like the elaboration.

Might as well face it, you’re a little addicted to love.
You won’t do anything for love, but sometimes you do more than you should.
No one’s worth losing your head for – because in the end you’ll only lose your heart.
Don’t avoid falling in love. Just make sure you don’t get too hooked.

I really don’t think that this is an accurate conclusion to the survey i answered by my best line there is – Don’t avoid falling in love.  Just make sure you don’t get hooked.

Great advice eh. 🙂

Sky Watch # 56




A friend’s final home on earth – Cagayan de Oro Gardens.

It was a nice day yesterday — blue sky, whispy clouds and cool breeze, comforting us that our parted friend and loved one will be in a very comfortable place.

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