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I Am Not a Robot!

I started on Monday night and I hope to finish it tonight.  The Labor day break yesterday made me finish lots of episodes.


Earlier today, I went to the post office and a quick side trip to my DVD shop suki.  So my latest purchase are the following:


Radio Romance!

Because all my addict girlfriends have watched it. So at least I can relate in case they talk about it, I should watch this. A 2018 release.


Mystery Queen 2

Since I have watched the Mystery Queen 1 then I should watch this because both leads were the same. I am excited to really watch this soon. This is also a 2018 release.



2017 release but it’s new in the dvd shop so I also grab it. Some members of the cast are familiar, especially the lead girl.

Now it is my first time to buy a Chinese drama – A Love so Beautiful is available because this became a very famous drama for the young generation. lols!  So I also grab a copy of


I guess I am going to start watching this once I am done with I am Not a Robot 😀

I bought all these like I have no pending dramas at home to be watched.  The ones I previously bought that is waiting to be watched are: Call Me Mother (2018), Temperature of Love (2017), Maids (2015), Prison Playbook (2017) (started it already but stopped because the cd was acting up, but I want to finish that), Dear Prince (a 2017 chinese drama), Korean Odyssey (2017-2018), and 109 Strange Things (2017).


I finished two dramas for the month of April.  They are:

(1) A Secret Love Affair – i recommend this for people who are open minded.  The reviews I read are mixed — some negative but I think most are positive.  This is one great review by Odessa jones (I totally agree with her) and I even have to read the comments just to see if there are more out there who appreciated and understood each of the character in this story. Pls read that review and if you are convinced that this is not an awful drama (because I think this is not about a power of the V drama), then watch A Secret Love Affair.

(2) Warrior Baek Dong Soo – i watched this because of Ji Chang Wook. I love it though it is quite too long with some of the scenes are a drag.  I laughed at the same time cried specially in the last episodes.

Fan Girling | Uncontrollably Fond


Uncontrollably Fond (Hangul: 함부로 애틋하게; RR: Hamburo Aeteuthage) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy.  It aired every Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS2 at 21:55 from July 6 to September 8, 2016.


Uncontrollably Fond was one of my happy pills this past long weekend.  It is a story about two young people who got separated in high school because of circumstances, but managed to bump into each other years later, at a time when the guy Shin Joon Young, played by Kim Woo Bin, discovered that he got only 3 months to live and decided mission to find the woman he cannot forget.  On the the other hand, the lady, portrayed by Suzy Bae was not willing to be reconnected with him.


This is my first drama starring Kim Woo Bin and Suzy.  I was so curious of Kim Woo Bin the past weeks because that he was diagnosed with nasopharangeal cancer.

Some of my unforgetable points and comments of this drama:

—- Joon Young died, while sleeping on the shoulder of Noh Eul. – his death was not so overly dramatic.  Although moments before he died were worth noting:  His mom’s visit,  he send off his mom at the bus stop, they took selfie together



—–Kim Woo Bin was great in this drama.  I can see he was so passionate in his act especially in the last 2 episodes — the tear-jerker episodes. You did well, Woo Bin in spite the low rating from your country

—–Suzy did well but not so well. I rate her acting 5/10 although I think if the director gave the lead male and female more happy moments or episodes (less dramatic shoutings and ungirly-like tantrums) then maybe I would also fell in love with her in this drama.

—–The change (from negative to admiration) of attitude from Ji Tae toward Joon Young was impressive.  He portrayed well as a second lead male.

—–Shooting locations.  I will travel to South Korea in the future and might visit that Island where Shin Joon Young wanted hid from Noh Eul. But his original plan was to bring the girl that he loved in this place, but because Noh Eul like someone else, Joon Young then just went there alone.

If you like melodramatic, romantic series, then Uncontrollably Fond is for you.  Watch it with tissue box with you, especially the last 2 episodes.

The drama was shoot from November 2015 to April 2016, so here are seasonal moments that became my favorite.



Images source: Internet.



Fan Girling | Strong Woman: Do Bong-soon


(Hangul: 힘쎈여자 도봉순; RR: Himssenyeoja Do Bong-soon) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Park Bo-young in the title role as a woman with superhuman strength, with Park Hyung-sik.  This was aired in JTBC from February 24, 2017 until April 15, 2017.

This drama was not in mind until I saw a CD copy of the whole drama, while walking around the city, the week before last week.  I started watching it middle of this week and done with it after several hours at night for 4 days.

The story is a strange mix of romance, comedy, supernatural, police investigation, and even bloody (scaryyyy)thriller.  I am not a fan of any of the leads but it is nice to discover them.  With the purpose of having a film to watch, I can say I was entertained 7/10.   I think this still makes me a Korean drama fan girl!



Dear Bong Soon,

Thank you for using your special talent for the good.
Thank you also for learning to love Ahn Min Yuk. You are so cute together. It makes me giggle even if In Guk Doo’s face turns sour in jealousy. ha ha ha. Bad me. But yea, I thought you will not be able to like Min Yuk because Guk Do is your childhood crush.


Dear Min Yuk,

I know you are not a high and mighty type of guy. I know that in spite your being a CEO of your company, you can be down to earth but yet frank.  I find humor in your witty lines.  I understand in the whole course of the series that you too have a painful past, but it inspired you to be good at where you are.  I was also surprised that eventually you fell in love with Bong Soon.  Now that you are in love and happy and married, you will forget those who hate you and spite you, especially your selfish brother.  May you be an inspiration to your brothers and family. Continue to be good in your business and with your peers and most especially your cute little love. strong woman, Bong Soon.